David Beckham and one of our favourite grooming brands Biotherm Homme teamed up to create this short video detailing the stories behind some of Beckham’s tattoos, and we’re honestly intrigued. The icon and retired footballer is famous not only for his skills on the pitch but his exploits off it. His hairstyle changes, fashion sense and ink have been the subjects of many stories (one of the best profiles we’ve read on the man is this GQ piece by Michael Paterniti), and Biotherm Homme has smartly used the latter as part of a marketing campaign for its new Force Supreme Life Essence.

The main ingredient is something called Life Plankton Essence, which was first crafted by the brand two years ago and introduced in its women’s lines. Apparently it’s so effective that women reported better skin within eight days. Now Biotherm Homme has re-engineered it for men’s skins. The result is a product that reduces redness and skin irritation, accelerates skin cellular regeneration and strengthens skin. The additional Macro-alga L.Ochroleuca extract also firms the skin.

In the meantime, check out the video above of Beckham’s tattoos.

Biotherm Homme‘s Force Supreme Life Essence is available islandwide from September and is priced at $78 for a 100ml bottle.

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