Being a content creator in today’s day and age requires one to be adaptable, creative, and constantly maintaining their look. It’s not an easy job, but Muhammad Faiz Abdul Hak – also known as Firezze on his social media platform – manages to do it effortlessly. This ease of style and multi-faceted identity is precisely what BOSS defines as the Man of Today.

In case you haven’t heard, the BOSS Bottled Man of Today plays by different rules from your average man – he lives by a strict code of integrity and respect, holding those values close to his heart. This, in turn, is reflected in his behaviour, personality, and the way he lives his life. Take Chris Hemsworth, the BOSS Bottled ambassador for example. Hemsworth is one who embodies the ideals of the Man of Today as a blockbuster actor and devoted father.

“To me, being the Man of Today is staying true to yourself. We’re moving into a time where authenticity and vulnerability are celebrated and recognised as a critical part of being ‘whole’”
Muhammad Faiz Abdul Hak

In the same essence, Faiz emulates the Man of Today characters in his own way, proving that the Man of Today is not a one-dimensional character. We sat down with Faiz to have a chat on what it means to be the Man of Today, his journey to success, and how he manages to find his inner balance between being a content creator, model, and also a corporate finance advisor.

faiz abdul hak boss
Muhammad Faiz Abdul Hak juggles a corporate job while still creating content for his social media channels. (Photo: Lifestyle Asia)
Lifestyle Asia (LSA): You’re in corporate finance by profession, and then you dabbled in modelling and later acting. How did all this happen for you?

Muhammad Faiz (MF): I was in the corporate finance industry, but then I began doing commercials while I was in university. A friend advised me to make a profile with a modelling agency, and that was how it all started.


LSA: On top of all that, you’re also a content creator on social media. What does being a content creator mean to you?

MF: I want to create content that I truly believe in while still staying true to myself. I believe the reason why you have followers on social media in the first place is because of who you are. For me, I love travelling and posting about my lifestyle on my Instagram feed – that’s what I feel draws people to my social media as well.


LSA: Is taking on so many roles in your life challenging for you?

MF: I guess the main challenge here is balancing time between the corporate world while also being a social influencer. I’m constantly working, even on the weekends. However, I believe being busy is a good thing – I love to keep my days productive.

boss perfume
Faiz keeps the classic BOSS Bottled on hand for daily use but finds that the BOSS Bottled Absolute is the one that really speaks to his personality. (Photo: Lifestyle Asia)
LSA: For BOSS, we talk about being the Man of Today. While looking good and feeling good, in what way do you feel like you’re the Man of Today?

MF: To me, being the Man of Today is staying true to yourself. We’re moving into a time where authenticity and vulnerability are celebrated and recognised as a critical part of being “whole”. I used to care too much about what others think of me that gave me some self-esteem issues. Thankfully, I managed to break out from that bubble and gained more confidence – from thereon, everything worked out by itself.


LSA: Is grooming essential for the Man of Today? If yes, what are some personal tips you would like to share?

MF: Oh, definitely. In my line of work, creating a good first impression is important. I always make sure I look good for every one of my meetings. That includes ensuring my hair is properly styled and, of course, smelling good with the right fragrance.


LSA: Finally, out of all the BOSS Bottled scents, which one do you think suits your personality the best?

MF: It has to be the BOSS Bottled. It just has that classy and masculine scent. I’m mostly dressed in semi-formal looks, and the scent fits that daily wear.


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This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia KL.

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