Update: Check out Lab Series’ series of guide videos on how to care for your skin.

Unless you’ve managed to keep at the bottom of a cryogenic freezing chamber for the next few months, the likelihood of your face ending up like the desert above is rather high. We sat down with Richard Sawyer, a veteran in the grooming industry and the Education & Training director for LAB Series, to give us some tips on beating the undying heat wave.

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Twice a Day – Make Damned Sure
Sawyer insists (and not recommends) washing your face properly twice a day – once when you wake up and another when you get home or before you sleep. “Your face takes on a lot of dirt during the day and it’s important to get it all off,” he reasons. A dirt build up during summer isn’t healthy, thanks to the oil that’s produced.

Keep it Moisturised
“You can keep moisturising your face as many times as necessary throughout a day but remember how much you’re applying,’ Sawyer recommends. For him, a thin layer is better in a warm country like Singapore because the feeling of having something “plastered” over your skin can be amplified thanks to the weather. “Moisturise before you sleep too,” he advises, “You’ll thank yourself in the morning when your skin doesn’t look too dry.”

Sunscreen Isn’t Just for the Beach
Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to sunscreen. “In Singapore, the sun is harsh so just travelling to work can be detrimental to the skin sometimes,” says Sawyer. Choose different protection types that work best around your schedule.

Quench that Thirst, Gents
Hydration for your face shouldn’t just come from external application, Sawyer insists. Keeping yourself hydrated means drinking water as much as possible during the day as well as staying away from known dehydaters like caffeine or alcohol.

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Head down to LAB Series’ latest store at Vivo City to screen your face and learn how to beat the heat even better.

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