If you happen to be departing, arriving, or even transiting at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) over the Christmas, year-end and even the Chinese New Year holidays, make a pit stop at the Atelier Cologne pop-up, which will be opened till the end of February 2019 for arriving and departing passengers through the Satellite Building at KLIA.⠀

In collaboration with Malaysia Airports and Colours & Fragrances (C&F) under DR Group, the pop-up is inspired by Atelier Cologne boutiques found around the world: a skyline of the elegant Paris, cobbled flooring and a rustic swing in the brand’s signature Venetian blue – a set-up which will only be available until the end of this month to allow visiting customers to fully indulge themselves in the “Parisian rooftop” atmosphere.

Here, customers get a sneak peek into the maison’s trove of treasured emotions and powerful memories captured through the brand’s wardrobe of Cologne Absolues. A gift and engraving workshop is also available in the premise, where customers get to personalise the leather case of their perfume bottles, completed on-site within a few minutes.

Atelier Cologne founders Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel discovered their shared common passion for the legendary Eau de Cologne, when they met in New York in 2006. In a moment of daring and emotion connection, Ganter and Cervasel formed a partnership that would become one of the most respected and desirable Maison de Parfum in the world.

In 2009, the Cologne Absolue family was born, featuring citrus-based scent that comes from the use of very high quality natural essential oils of the highest possible level of concentration. Unlike traditional Eau de Cologne usually concentrated at 5% or less, each Cologne Absolue has an average oil concentration of 18%, giving the maison the pride of “Pure Perfume” – the most prestigious family in the fragrance world.

Signature scents by Atelier Cologne are available at the KLIA pop-up through an immersive olfactory discovery: Orange Sanguine is a refreshing blend of freshly cut blood oranges, fragrant geranium from China and sandalwood from Australia – a fragrance meant to transport the wearer to a blissful moment they would want to revisit; and Pomélo Paradis, a combination of pink pomelo, rose essence from Bulgaria and vetiver from Haiti, reminiscent of first loves – a pure and sweet delight mixed with the adrenaline of anticipating the next rendezvous.

The Atelier Cologne airport pop-up is now available to all cologners and travellers at KLIA till end of February 2019

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