If you’re looking to treat yourself to a smooth, irritation-free clean shave, here’s our guide on how to clean shave your face with some expert advice.

Clean shaving is perhaps the most primordial grooming ritual in the book, and it’s one of those household skills we learn from our fathers. But even though gentlemen have been practising this since the last century and a half, we still haven’t perfected it. Right from choosing the right products to post-shaving skincare, we don’t blame you for not having all the answers. Well, we thought we’d finally address it along with some professional help.

We spoke with Mr Jay Kishan Pawar, a Master Barber at Truefitt & Hill, India, about common mistakes men make while shaving. “The most common mistakes simply come down to pre-and-post factors and not looking out for their skin. We need to prepare our skin and beard for what’s about to come but more so, carry out the process gently instead of rushing through it.”

Here’s a step-by-step expert’s guide to clean shaving at home:

Setting the right temperature

When shaving, always use warm water instead of cold tap water. This allows the pores to open up and soften the hair follicles that helps the product penetrate better and make for a softer shave. Also, if you’re shaving every morning, be sure to shave while showering, and not before or after. As your skin will be perfectly warmed up at that point, ideal for this grooming ritual.

Don’t forget to use a pre-shave oil

A pre-shave oil creates a fine layer over the skin, almost like a protective layer for the natural skin oil, so that it doesn’t dry out. This reduces the chances of cutting, burning, itching, and irritation that would be caused by the razor. It also assists the razor in gliding much more smoothly over the skin.

Choose a shaving cream/gel over a foam

I always suggest using a cream. It offers a thicker lather which of course creates a better protective barrier against shaving cuts. I’d suggest using a cream with naturally moisturising and soothing ingredients like glycerine, lavender and aloe vera, which are healthy cosmetic agents too. When it comes to your shaving brush, try to soften each whisker. By softening the hair follicle, it allows a much smoother shave. Also, shaving brushes made from badger hair are the best in the business.

Invest in professional and quality shaving products

The first and most important pointer when learning how to clean shave is indulging in quality products. To minimise the wear and tear of daily shaving on your skin, it’s essential to be using genuine, good quality products and tools. Gents who regularly shave are actually prone to many adverse effects such as ingrown hair, razor bumps and burns, sensitive, and uneven skin tone. More so, shaving in the direction in reverse of the grain is absolutely not suggested.

Choose the right weapon (or well, shaving blade)

When learning how to shave at home, one key detail is having the right weapon of choice. Use a double-edged razor instead of a triple-blade or five-blade. More so, I believe a single-blade shave is perhaps the best option to go with. Lesser blades mean lesser chances of risk. Think about it, it’s always better to have lesser blades running against your skin. Also, don’t rush it, your beard is always going to grow back but the damage done to your skin can’t always be undone. Hence, go for clean shaves rather than close shaves.

Finally, the aftershave

In the grooming world, the aftershave balm is a reputed guard against environmental pollutants and toxins. Apart from its strong antioxidant benefits, it also holds antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that simply soothes and calms a shaved surface. Always make it a point to use a small amount of aftershave balm, rub it on your hands, and apply it to the shaved region. Give it a gentle massage along the face and neck area, and let it work its magic. That’s our guide on how to clean shave at home like a pro.


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Master The Perfect Clean Shave – Advice From A Grooming Expert

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