Louis Vuitton Parfums’ Pur Oud is the maison’s most expensive scent yet; read on to find out more about it, including its exorbitant price tag.

Following the release of Ombre Nomade, Les Sables Roses and Nuit de Feu, Les Parfums (seen above) Louis Vuitton once again explores the olfactory culture of the Middle East, devoting an exceptional fragrance to its most emblematic ingredient: oud. Native to the Far East and transported like a treasure to Central Asia and Europe, this precious wood imbued with spirituality bridges world cultures across the ages. Louis Vuitton’s master perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud pays it loving homage, concentrating in unprecedented proportions an exceptional essence of Assam oud in a composition with a radical point of view. A perfume for connoisseurs, Pur Oud offers lovers of “the wood of gods” the privilege of appreciating one of the world’s most beautiful wonders in its purest expression. The truest. The most luxurious.

An ode to oud
pur oud
Pur Oud by Louis Vuitton Parfums

From the Arabic “al-oud,” meaning wood, oud is an absolute ingredient. A raw material of such depth and so many facets, that it seems to contain all the others. A treasure of nature that connects humankind to the divine in numerous cultures, since the dawn of time. A “black gold” so precious that its finest essences are reserved to an exclusive elite. An ingredient of countless superlatives, oud offers devotees a completely unique experience. In its olfactory complexity, the richness of its symbolism, and its universal resonance, oud is a journey unto itself.

“three ingredients, that’s all”
pur oud
Incredibly Louis Vuitton Parfum’s Pur Oud only contains three ingredients

Offering the purest expression of oud by sublimating one of the most beautiful essences in the world was the manifesto for Pur Oud. In daring to take an exceptional stance, Jacques Cavallier Belletrud dreamed up a composition of radical minimalism — a bespoke showcase to highlight the exceptional essence of Assam oud. “I wanted to offer enthusiasts the chance to smell true oud, which is rare, without altering the scent with additional notes and instead letting it express itself on its own,” explains the Master Perfumer. To exalt the raw beauty of this rare ingredient, he orchestrated an almost paradoxical encounter between oud’s sombre character – concentrated in an immoderate proportion of 10% of the formula – and the luminous softness of two white musks: the gentle, slightly fruity Helvetolide, and the subtle, cottony Ambrettolide. Woven into a textured cocoon that envelops and supports without encroaching, the oud exhales powerfully woody notes as profound as eternity and unfurls all the richness of its animal inflections. An ambery scent of mysterious seduction, tinged with spicy accents. From the shadows emerges light… Shimmering with nuance, oud evokes a diamond intensified by ideal light. It reveals an absolute beauty that stands on its own, so self-evident that it needs no artifice. Hence a concise formula that has been pared down to the essentials: “Three ingredients, that’s all.” Never seen before… “Richness doesn’t preclude simplicity,” Jacques Cavallier Belletrud says with a smile.

simply scent-sational

Pur Oud comes in coloured glass developed specially for the emblematic Parfums Louis Vuitton flacon. A pure, dense, and opaque black so sombre and profound that — paradoxically — it reveals astonishing plays of light, like the perfume it holds.

Worn alone or as a base for a ritual layering of scents, Pur Oud has a remarkably singular fragrance trail. An olfactory signature that’s as distinctive as it is rare, which Louis Vuitton reserves for true connoisseurs.


Available at select Louis Vuitton stores, the Pur Oud retails at RM6,150.00 for 100ml

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