Earlier this month, Aesop launched a range of skincare products that are deemed to be the brand’s strongest and deepest product storytelling for the year. In Two Minds was formulated to address the complex needs of combination skin type. The outcome of three years in research and development in Aesop’s Melbourne laboratory is a potent blend of scientifically proven ingredients and botanicals, to balance and soothe combination skin – typically characterised by an oilier T-zone or forehead and dry-to-very-dry skin across the cheeks, with a greater tendency towards reactivity.

Each sold separately, the In Two Minds range consists of a Facial Cleanser, a gel based cleanser containing salicylic acid for gentle yet thorough cleansing; a Facial Toner with niacinamide and panthenol to soothe and balance the skin; and a Facial Hydrator with an effective botanical blend of andiroba, copaiba and açaí for nourishment and hydration.

Aesop ambassador and general manager for retail and customer relations Suzanne Santos speaks to us more about the In Two Minds range, and her responsibility towards the brand and its loyal customers.

How will the In Two Minds range stand out from the usual three-way facial products that are already available in the market, while at the same time, be Aesop’s “strongest, deepest product storytelling” for the year?
In Two Minds is effective in addressing the multi-faceted nature of combination skin by gently cleansing, normalising sebum production, soothing irritation and providing lightweight hydration without overburdening the skin. We have observed an increase in the prevalence of combination skin in our customers over the last 30 years, and while our existing skincare products are suitable for combination skin, we identified an opportunity to integrate a suite of products tailored specifically for the particular needs of combination skin into our range.

In Two Minds has been developed in direct response to the needs of our customers to address the complexity of combination skin. We have always responded to the specific needs of our customers in a prescriptive manner and never wavered from our intent to develop products with genuine purpose. The In Two Minds range, which took three years to develop, is designed to address the complexity of combination skin rather than focusing on a single aspect, such assebum production. This is achieved through product formulations that gently cleanse, normalise sebum production, soothe irritation and provide lightweight hydration without overburdening the skin.

Why is it called ‘In Two Minds’?
The name, In Two Minds, represents the transitory state of combination skin and its duality. In parts blemished, overburdened and oily, yet at the same time, sensitive – even possibly, dry and wanting nourishment.

Personally, what would you say are the main trifectas to better skin?
Consistency with your skincare routine is crucial, as is the combination of sleep, nutrients and exercise for the body, which each has lasting impacts on the health of our skin. My personal approach to skincare includes moisturising heavily every morning and night, not forgetting the neck and chest. I also give myself a regular intense facial at home, as part of my cleansing routine, that includes exfoliation, a masque and a double layer of products where required.

You began your role at Aesop in 1987 and have been actively involved in critical aspects of the company’s development.
More than 30 years in the company, which of the many philosophies Aesop carries that you find most interesting?

For me, I would like us to be remembered as reserved and appreciative. Aesop is a company that is understood by our customers as a brand that is different. While this difference has been well received since the beginning, we would still want to be remembered as a company that is worth believing in, and that the efforts we make for our customers are genuine.

Besides In Two Minds, what does the brand hope to achieve for the new year?
For the future, we will continue along the same road and rely on our customers and internal staff’s insightful and thoughtful conversations about their skincare needs to deliver formulations that support our customers’ desire for skin improvement. Aesop, in our self-definition, is a skincare company. We have always responded to specific needs of our customers in a prescriptive manner and never wavered from our intent to develop products with genuine purpose. For instance, although we have many auxiliary products that fit into a lifestyle category, it is not a term we use. The home products that are available in our stores were created based on items we used ourselves, and that they support an approach to life that is much more streamlined, and this has been very successful for 30 years.

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