We find out why belif is a range made exclusively to cater for the skincare needs of men.

While it is believed that men are less prone to ageing as compared to our more beautiful counterpart, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we do not need to use skin care products.

From age of 30 and beyond, skin issues like sensitivity, excess oiliness and even dehydration might occur more frequently, and take longer to recover from. If left uncared for, these issues might progressively worsen and lead to other problems. However, despite having concerns about skin, many men do not practice a proper skincare regime to improve their skin condition.

David Beckham has shown us the way, ever since the dawn of the metrosexual man, that a good skincare routine removes years from your looks. Thus making you look healthier and younger than you truly are.

One brand that’s solely dedicated to men is the belif Manology range, which provides men with a simple yet effective routine to blend into their everyday lives.

All you need to do is a simple two-step process, which is just to cleanse and care. Start with the Ultimate Multi Cleansing Foam by belif. This is a super refreshing deep cleansing foam with dense foam, to perfectly remove impurities from your skin while maintaining its moisture balance.

Next comes the slightly tricky bit, because these needs you to know your type of skin, before you use the product.

Those with sensitive skin should opt for the belif Manology 101 line, which comprises the 101 Free Toner, 101 Essential Moisturizer, 101 Smart Recharger and 101 Smart Moisture Extreme.

These are specially-formulated with low-irritant ingredients and mild herbs to care for sensitive skin. The belif Manology 101 range is recommended for men in their 20s who are starting a proper skincare routine for the first time. The gentle formulation also makes it suitable for men who experience irritation from harsh products that contain alcohol.

Meanwhile, those with dry or oily skin should go for the belif Manology original line. Two key lines for men in their 30s and above, with basic skincare solutions designed to address different concerns and skin types.

Men with dry skin can use the Aqua Bouncing Water Lotion or the Moisturizing Bomb, which will not only help relieve tired skin, but also moisturise the skin simultaneously.

Then those with oily skin, should use belif’s Sebum Control Water Lotion of the brand’s Sebum Control Moisturizer, which helps those with dehydrated oily skin or acne-prone oily skin.


Find out more about the products here.

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