In this day and age, there is an abundance of skincare labels in the market to help keep our appearance flawless. With the trend of skincare products being infused with exotic and natural ingredients like goat milk, snail mucus, and even cannabis, brands must consistently offer innovative and fresh ideas to remain relevant.
While some brands chose to go the route of advanced technology,  these four boutique brands look to establish common grounds with a generation that resonates with organic contents, environmentalism, and community.

lumin skin

Image credit: Lumin Skin

The American-based label’s extensive skincare solutions use natural ingredients like activated charcoal to extract dirt from facial pores, ginseng to slow down aging skin and caffeine to remove its dullness. This keeps our skins clean, refreshed and young. Another admirable practice of Lumin Skin is that it offers discounted prices on products to civil servants to honour their services to the country.


Image credit: Maapilim

Instead of the usual salts from the Mediterranean Sea, Maapilim leverages on the less-explored natural elements of oils and extracts into its skincare products which leaves a soft earthly scent after use. With either the facial masks with the mud of the Dead Sea or facial cleansers with argan and jojoba oils, your skin will remain regularly hydrated and radiant.


Image credit: ilāpothecary

What better way to encapsulate the brand’s philosophy of natural healing than to use “ila”, the Sanskrit word for Earth, in its name? ilāpothecary’s idea is realised through the use of medicinal plants to help build a healthy mind and therefore, healthy skin. You’ll find nerve-calming vetiver oil used in cleansers that reduces aging and dullness of skin, along with silk and shea butter.

Ren Skincare

Image credit: Ren Skincare

100% recyclable, 100% refillable. Ren Skincare is looking to become a sustainable household name to many. To ensure that the skin is well-protected throughout the day, sunscreens, day creams, and facial masks are made with natural ingredients like white mushroom extracts that are filled with proteins and vitamin Bs. This helps to improve the complexion and reduce inflammation of the skin.

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