SLEEPING masks are one of the simplest ways to ramp up your skincare routine. If you’re the laziest person ever, this is definitely up your lane.

Here’s why: It’s super easy to reap its benefits — just slap it on and go to bed, simple as that. There’s no waiting time whatsoever, minimal effort required.

Made to be used overnight, these thicker creams act as humectants for your skin, nourishing it while you sleep. Even if you miss the recommended eight hours of shut-eye, sleeping masks are a good remedy for getting refreshed skin the next morning.

There’s also a variety of masks to cater to concerns beyond hydration, so you can easily find one that addresses any skin woes you have.

For new initiates to this wonder of a product, we’ve rounded up five of the best sleeping masks we believe are some of the best in the market.

01: Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Hydrating Mask With Avocado & Swiss Glacier Water

5 of the best sleeping masks for the freshest skin ever

Those who suffer from chronically dry skin will love the cocktail of Swiss glacier water, hyaluronic acid and avocado butter found in this Origins sleeping mask.

Your skin slurps up the moisturising formula and stays hydrated for up to 72 hours after each use, so you wake up with a baby soft visage that remains all throughout the next day.

Origins Overnight Hydrating Mask, $44

02: Laneige Water Sleeping Mask in Lavender

5 of the best sleeping masks for the freshest skin ever

This Korean staple is deeply nourishing despite its lightweight and watery formula. It guards your complexion against drying elements like air conditioning when you sleep.

It also repairs skin damage sustained from pollutants and other aggravators during the day while you rest thanks to the patented Sleeptox technology within, so you wake up with a complexion that is the definition of “chok chok”. 

For an added touch of aromatherapy, try the lavender version.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask in Lavender, $42

03: Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C x 30 Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Mask

5 of the best sleeping masks for the freshest skin ever

Besides sleep deprivation, environmental stressors like dust and pollutants are also contributing factors to a grey and lifeless complexion. The answer is the Peter Thomas Roth intensive Vitamin C-rich mask, which breathes life back into your skin.

One of its ingredients includes the camu camu berry with 30 times more Vitamin C than an orange, giving you a visibly brighter complexion the very next morning. Extended use will result in a strengthened skin barrier, fortified against detrimental UV rays.

Peter Thomas Roth Camu Camu Power C x 30 Vitamin C Brightening Sleeping Mask, $110

5 of the best sleeping masks for the freshest skin ever

Like our bodies, our skin requires a good detox from time to time, and you’ll need antioxidants to do the job.

This Erborian Sleeping BB Mask made with sesame oil is full of them, and also comprises seven traditional Asian herbs like tiger grass, liquorice and Chinese camellia, all selected for their ability to get rid of skin impurities. Simply apply before bed and bask in your recaptured youth the next day.

Usable as a cream or as an overnight mask, the pomegranate concentrate in this Estée Lauder’s Nutritious Super-Pomegranate product delivers a potent detox, while a mix of berries injects the necessary vitamins and minerals your skin needs to retain its youthful appearance.

Images belong to respective brands.

This article was first published on Lifestyle Asia.

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