We take a look at some grooming products that you can consider adding to your list of essentials.

modern tradition: Sulwhasoo
Updated First Care Activating Serum. Photo: Sulwhasoo
Updated First Care Activating Serum. Photo: Sulwhasoo

Sulwhasoo has launched the fifth generation of its First Activating Care Serum. The new formula is fortified with the brand’s patented Jaum Activator, and claims to improve the skin’s Youth Indicator by146 per cent, according to clinical findings. The rest of the report sounded so promising that we decided to swop out our weekly retinol treatment, and nightly hyaluronic acid and ceramide serum routine, to try it out. We’re happy to report that its proprietary blend of peony, rehmannia, lotus, Solomon’s seal and white lily extract not only provided a similar hydration boost, but also reduced dark circles. What’s more, our skin’s elasticity improved after around three weeks. Can a single good product replace multiple others? Definitely, but it’d cost you.

Available at Sulwhasoo

protect and nourish: IDS Skincare
Moisturising Hand Sanitiser. Photo: IDS Skincare
Moisturising Hand Sanitiser. Photo: IDS Skincare

Dr SK Tan at IDS Clinic paid close attention to the recent health-related needs apart from grooming, and formulated a multi-benefit hand sanitiser to temporarily keep us safe and sane.

We first winced at the thought of the sanitiser’s 70 per cent alcohol content, but found that the dose of glycerin counteracted its dehydrating effect. The formula is also infused with tea tree oil to address dengue risks by providing insect-repellent benefits.

Living in a neighbourhood that’s almost mosquito-free, we can’t comment on the latter. But we did enjoy the calming aroma of tea tree oil and took comfort in knowing we’re better protecting ourselves from COVID-19.

 Available at jyx.shop

pleading guilty: Gucci gUILTY
Gucci Guilty fragrance. Photo: Gucci Beauty
Gucci Guilty fragrance. Photo: Gucci Beauty

The latest Gucci Guilty EDP revisits the ’70s, adding a retro flair to the fragrance with notes of chilli pepper and rose, which were frequently used in men’s perfumes at the time. At first whiff, we detected an uplifting blend of orange blossom, cedar and French lavender. Shortly after, the scent developed to reveal an intoxicating blend of patchouli and neroli, with hints of rose and chilli pepper lingering in the background. It is a sensual scent, and we recommend it if long hours of fun fit into your post COVID-19 party schedule and as the final touch to your grooming routine.

Available at most major malls.

levelling up: Space Scenting
Scent 1000 Space Diffuser. Photo: Space Scenting
Scent 1000 Space Diffuser. Photo: Space Scenting

Compared to lighting a scented candle, anything else will seem complicated. It didn’t help that setting up the Scent 1000 Space Diffuser wasn’t a walk in the park. But our efforts paid off, and once the space scenting device was connected to our phone through its aromaSmart app, we were able to control the scent’s intensity and diffusion cycles with just a touch of the screen.

Out of a wide choice of pre-blended essential oils available, we tried Peaceful. The combination of therapy-grade oils of geranium, rose and patchouli helped to keep us centred when we worked from home. We now have our eyes on the Calm option once we get through with this.

Available at spacescenting.com




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