In a world gone mad and often misunderstood, feminists are ferocious man haters and feminism has the same meaning as misandry. Insecure men fear for their collective existence as they might perish under the iron-fisted rule of feminazis. Benighted young women refuse to be associated with the movement that strives for equal treatment, ironically for themselves, because feminists are perceived to be severely lacking in the artistic department of cleaning, grooming and maintaining parts of their bodies. On the other hand, chauvinistic men opine that the country’s security might be compromised now that some women have demonstrated the strength to carry the Kalashnikov instead of the rolling pin.

Now before you recruit your sisters, mothers and aunties, hail a people mover, hurry down the LDP and storm our lovely office located next to a park, hear me out: I am an out and proud feminist. Unabashedly unashamed.


If you have seen the pictures of Madonna’s daughter openly flashing her unshaven underarms in Miami, you might have been horrified. But it’s her body and she can do whatever she pleases. But being “natural” doen’t make one a feminist. It’s the empowerment. That means feminists too can have their nether regions silky smooth.

Unwittingly, we are programmed to be driven by pheromone. Blame the grand design gone awry. Blame Charles Darwin. Blame Dr Winnifred Cutler for her discovery of human pheromone. Unless you have no further plan for human reproduction or something as boring as sexual gratification, you are relieved of the responsibility to make yourself attractive to potential mates. Or if he or she is aroused by the sight of cogon grass, you can stop reading right here.

Be honest with yourself though, who takes pleasure in encountering workplace hazards when he or she is just doing the job? No-one swallows a rambutan shell or orders a spiny starfish at a sushi joint because they cause an acute irritation. If that is not reason enough to rid the floriferous undergrowth and bring the twig and berries to the glorious sunshine, I don’t know what is.

Shaving once a week provides a temporary reprieve before the lawn springs up like mushrooms after the rain a week after. For a long-term solution, however, (IPL) hair removal treatment at Strip is godsend. Don’t let the thought of laser beams zapping your private sanctuary scare you though, because the process is done in a swift, painless and professional manner, akin to having a spa or massage session.

Here, Strip answers our concerns.

What can customers expect to experience when they step into Strip for their Boy-zillian IPL treatments?

Upon stepping into our salons, customers will receive their own sealed Strip IPL Hygiene Packs that include a disposable shaver, disposable latex gloves, pre-sealed wet wipes, wooden spatulas and fresh cotton pads and buds for the application of IPL pre- and post-care products.

The therapist will start off by carefully shaving and applying a cooling gel to the treatment area. Using the Strip Powerpac device, the therapist will direct energy onto one’s skin with the crystal applicator head in smooth circular motions. Post-treatment, the therapist will cool the skin down with some Ice Cream, Strip’s award-winning moisturiser specially formulated to soothe and hydrate the skin.

Strip’s therapists have all been trained intensively at the Strip Training School in Singapore for four to eight weeks, so rest assured that you will be in good hands.

How does Strip’s Boy-zillian IPL treatment differ from other hair removal methods?

Many, if not all, industry players rely on a standard mid-market machine for Brazilian IPL, which uses a 3cm applicator. This machine can only emit a sharp burst of concentrated energy onto any one area at a time, making the treatment uncomfortable.

In view of this, Strip introduces a pioneering IPL device called the Strip Powerpac. This innovative machine uses a gradual heating system that directs energy via multiple passes to accumulate the desired energy level to destroy hair follicles. In other words, the light emitted drastically weakens hair follicles with its one-of-a-kind 5cm crystal applicator. This results in a more comfortable and effective treatment while reducing the risk of burns. It’s like getting a warm and soothing hot stone massage in the most sacred area of your body.

For further comfort levels, the Strip Powerpac comes with a special cooling system that absorbs residual heat from the skin surface, further protecting the skin from burns. The machine is exclusive to Strip as it is specially customised for the brand based on research.

The Strip’s R&D team has over 20 years of experience.

How long will the results from the treatment last and will the result be permanent?

Over the course of treatments, IPL promises hair reduction of up to 80% over two years.

For best results, we recommend six to 10 sessions for a complete course, with each session six weeks apart.

Is there anything a customer should look out for before and after undergoing the Boy-zillian IPL?

Before each waxing and IPL session, our “waxperts” will check on your skin condition and let you know whether your skin is suitable for the waxing/IPL session.

Post-treatment, the therapist will cool the skin down with our award-winning formulated Ice Cream, a deliciously cool cream used to put out any skin flames and fires in an instant.

The mint extract cools and calms, while the liquorice root treats minor burns and cuts. It also contains moisturising properties, which help to hydrate and soften the skin simultaneously. Recommended for post-waxing, IPL or sun exposure.

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