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Nothing fits quite as well, nor gives as much dash and ease, as a tailored garment and hence, if there’s one piece that you wish to own, it would rightfully be the one for the most important day of your life. And much like your other half, it shouldn’t be one that makes you feel special for just one day and subsequently gets put away,
but one that complements your lifestyle, brings out the best in you and makes you feel special
 every time.

This was what nightlife and gastro-preneur Roen Cian of The Roof and LifeJuice had in mind when time came to look for the perfect suit for his big day with Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng. “I really want this to be a special suit, and I hope to personalise it with my wife’s name or our names, as a symbol of our marriage as well as to commemorate the special occasion,” said the, then, groom-to-be.

With that in mind, Roen approached Hugo Boss, which he frequents, and consulted the brand manager about the newly launched Made-to-Measure (MTM) service in the Pavilion KL store, and, later, invited us along for the experience.

In keeping with the exclusivity of the MTM service, we were seated lounge-style in the suit section at the front-end of the upper floor, complete with a private enclave for fitting and a floor-to-ceiling view of the iconic Jalan Bukit Bintang, the very heart of the city’s retail activity. What started as a relaxed conversation with the retail manager over coffee soon transpired into a mound of fabric, button, thread and lining swatches, along with a myriad of tailoring tools and measurement notes and forms, spread across the table before us.

Seasoned in the art of sartorial precision, the manager highlighted that over 250 fabrics are introduced every season, in new colours, new patterns, and, on occasion, in limited editions. All suits are completed at the Hugo Boss headquarters in Metzingen, Germany. What distinguish the Hugo Boss MTM from most others, however, are the level of personalisation and the expanse of choices.

Features unique to the service include the lining, for which the expert staff will help you to narrow down your search based on the fabric selected for the jacket; the lining of the sleeves, which can be distinct from that of the jacket, and the same for the waistband; and, most importantly, your signature on the garment, with approximately 10 colours to choose from, replicated using laser technology and stitched into the interior of the jacket and the waistband in your actual hand-written style. Going a step further, you may also place your signature on the suit cover. What’s more, the buttons in nuanced colours, from the standard blue to mother-of-pearl, vegetable ivory and buffalo horn.

The other strength that gives Hugo Boss MTM the advantage over its rivals, the manager added, is evidently its German genes, world-renowned for their precision, ultra-high attention to detail and technical sophistication.

A little overwhelmed with the sheer breadth of choices for customisation, Roen confessed, “Before coming here, I really thought it was mainly just the fitting of the jacket and pants. I really didn’t expect that they would go so far into the details. This is really what I call making it yours.”

Despite the selection process, our August Man 2015 Men of the Year, Entrepreneur honouree wasn’t going to settle for a plain MTM suit. The go-getter wanted something that makes a statement of his personal taste (stylish with an edgy twist) and intrepid, enterprising spirit. The conclusion: checks in charcoal with subtle burgundy stitching.

Explaining the outfit, he said, “I’m aiming to project more of my character, which is less safe. While checks are not a conventional choice for a wedding suit, I reckon it suits my style and will photograph and look impeccable at sunset, on a rooftop, for an intimate dinner of 100 guests. It’s a bit edgy.”

His theory behind, “With MTM, you should really make it your own. If you want a standard design, you can go for ready-to-wear. Having said that, you should be able to wear it beyond your wedding. For the main wedding, I’ll be wearing a black shirt inside, as opposed to the more common white shirt, yet formal enough and, above all, personalised.”

Moving along, we proceeded to the fitting room for measurement. The process turned out to be a breeze, thanks to Roen’s already ideal “model’s physique”. The trousers’ legs needed to be tapered 1cm more, and the master jacket, 48-slim, fitted like a glove. Only the sleeves and vent needed to be lengthened by another centimetre. That was it.

In the end, the final product was completed in Germany and returned to the KL boutique across a span of six to eight weeks. Offered only in approximately 20 countries worldwide, including the Pavilion KL boutique, not only is the Hugo Boss MTM highly exclusive, as there is a certain amount of MTM the atelier in Germany can cut in a month, customers also enjoy the convenience of a swifter, fitting-free process in future, once measurements from your initial order have been recorded in the archive. For your next visit, simply walk in and choose the fabric and accessories. Hugo Boss MTM is also available for shirts, ties, pocket squares and overcoats.

Hugo Boss Made-to-Measure is available in Malaysia at the Hugo Boss Pavilion KL boutique.

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