Introducing MARO, the trendiest men’s shampoo brand from Japan that brings you its 3D Volume Up range. The brand was born with men’s needs in mind, with various formulations designed to boost volume or combat scalp grease, and that’s only the beginning.

Of course, with the variety of products available on MARO’s roster, you may be wondering where to begin. Fret not, as we’ve got you covered. And what better way to start than by highlighting MARO’s latest flagship product? Get ready to turn up the volume!

MARO 3D Volume Up: For added body

Let’s not pretend that men don’t suffer from limp hair. It’s not called male-pattern baldness for nothing. With MARO’s 3D Volume Up range, however, men wanting to add bulk to their hair can increase their hair volume by up to 150%!

Other benefits include up to 67% reduction in sebum and 54% reduction in dandruff. Pretty impressive numbers, especially seeing how other shampoos only seem to specialise in one feature at a time. With the MARO 3D Volume Up, you get to address multiple problem areas at once.

One of the ways this shampoo helps you achieve a thicker look is through its unique 3D volume-boosting formula. It results in a thin layer around the cuticle, much like scaffolding for your hair, which allows for stronger roots and higher self-confidence.

And if you’re looking for something with a cool after-feel, then opt for the MARO 3D Volume Up Shampoo Cool variety, which works great for Malaysia’s tropical climate.

Besides the shampoo, there’s also the Volume Hair Growth 3D Essence. Thanks to ingredients that promote blood circulation (like ginseng, for example), this product makes for a perfect companion to the 3D Volume shampoo.

MARO Deo Scalp Series: For a healthier scalp

If your scalp is your main concern, then the Deo Scalp Series could be just the thing for you. Here, you have the choice between the normal shampoo, the cool version, and the scalp treatment.

The shampoo contains four traditional herbs: persimmon tannin, cork tree bark extract, green tea extract, and hop extract. They’re known to protect and moisturise your scalp, all while reducing sebum and taking care of your hair.

Add on the bactericidal and deep-cleansing components and you have a well-balanced shampoo that’ll leave your scalp feeling fresh after every wash.

And if you’re prone to itchy scalp, then rest assured that the Deo Scalp Series range will do away with that pesky inconvenience too.

MARO 17 Series: Hair care beyond everyday needs

If you’re looking for more exclusive offerings by MARO, then check out the 17 Series range. With the key piece being the MARO17 Black Plus shampoo, with the World First Black Reverse™ Formulation that treats grey hair from the root.

These products offer different benefits and help tackle the more nuanced problems with hair care. For example, the Black Plus Shampoo is said to reduce hair greying by up to 82%. And the Collagen Shampoo helps reduce hair thinning.

Whether you’re looking to add volume, protect your scalp, or strengthen your strands, MARO’s got you covered. Which one would you like to try today?

By the way, if you’re looking to score these products in Malaysia, just head on to the Maro Official Lazada Store & Shopee Mall or drop by any of the Watsons outlets!

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Looking To Pamper Your Hair And Scalp? This Japanese Haircare Brand Has Just The Thing For You.

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