Photos by Ibnu Aswan

How would you describe your personal styling characteristics?
Ultimately, I’d much prefer to style things from a cultural point of view. I love travelling and exploring the different cultures the world has to offer. Someday, I hope to set foot in the States, and head back to India for a longer span of time; my last trip only lasted two weeks, and I feel that I would need close to a month to fully take in all that the country has to offer. From my love for travel, I’d love to instil these explored cultures and lifestyle into my work.

From a fashion stylist’s point of view, how do you think the state of things are in the fashion industry?
I have been doing fashion styling for 10 years already, and to be honest, fashion just isn’t inspiring anymore for me. I’m at that point of my career, when I have seen certain fashion trends gone full circle, and they are being recycled again for the newer generation. Not only that, fashion has become distracting as a whole. I suppose, it is due to the modern-day social media pace that so much is happening at the same time, and so many collections are being released at a short span of time that we rarely have time to sit down and take it all in, before another new collection pops up and our attention is diverted towards that instead.

How do you think the fashion industry has changed in this technological era?
I can definitely see a vast change of medium, from print publication to digital video content. It may take us some time to get used to the new preferred medium, but it is an inevitable and good change; it means that it’s a chance for us to push ourselves and learn new things to add to our resumes. Lately, as many projects require us to shoot videos, I have taken to learning about art direction and creative direction. There used to be a time when I just need to style the personalities, but in this new chapter, I have to consider about camera angles and the process of putting together a shoot for video content, so much so that I found myself drawn to scriptwriting and hopefully someday, put together a short film of my own.

What will your short film be about?
I hope to put together something that explores the multi-faceted sides of humanity. Personally, I feel that we as humans have changed so much lately, because of technology and not to mention, the bad things that are happening around the world, like terrorism. Because of these recent affairs, a lot of brands have taken to promoting encouraging messages in their advertising campaigns like love and self-appreciation. Whilst these messages come with good intentions, I feel that they might be misconstrued based on the individual. I mean, what if someone with bad intentions digested these messages to suit his own evil purposes? What if young girls misunderstood these messages and went ahead with heavy makeup, lurid exposure of the body, or even plastic surgery just because those are their idea of self-appreciation?

I would like to capture these different human behaviours and their interactions with these modern social media platforms and the messages they bring forth. Hopefully, I will get to unravel something and get people thinking for themselves, instead of just absorbing what has been relayed to us. But first, of course, I would have to harness the right amount of skills and experiences—not to mention, the capital, before we put the plan into action.

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