Photos by Ibnu Aswan

Has it always been a practice for you to pay attention to what you wear?
I’ve been making an effort to dress well for five years now. Previously, I was in hospitality, and I did not have much choices when it comes to dressing up. Now, I do a lot of public speaking and meeting the media on a regular basis, so I have to be comfortable with how I look myself, or else I’d feel self-conscious when I’m meeting new people. I take this as an opportunity to explore my options in terms of dressing up. My wardrobe tends to lean towards the bluer spectrum of things, mainly because of my blue eyes. I like a bit of rock ‘n’ roll when it comes to my style.

What about accessories?
I’m not really a fan of luxurious watches; I don’t really see the point of forking out thousands for just a watch, when you can do so much more with that same amount of money. However, I still like to put on a watch to go with my outfit. In fact, I was one of the few (or many) people who backed the Pebble smartwatch when it first went on the Kickstarter project. It doesn’t hurt as well that my wife works with Fossil!

Do you prefer somewhere cold or somewhere hot?
Coming from somewhere like Canada where snowboarding and ice hockey are the only saving grace, I much prefer the tropical lifestyle on this side of the world. I have been in Asia for about 10 years now, and before that, I have spent three years at the Caribbean, before I was recruited to promote the many whiskies and bourbons we have here.

Which part of the Asian region do you like the most?
I travel a lot around the Southeast Asia region due to work, sometimes up to two or three times a week. You learn to get used to this kind of working lifestyle after a while. I am, however, looking to visiting Bali again some time later this year. I’d always end up spending up to six months there, and just recently, I have started taking up surfing lessons, and I can’t wait to hit the big waves again soon.

What is the meaning of life to you?
A prosperous life to me means having the time to travel and see the world, and get a little bit of sun on your face, instead of the usual clockwork of just going into the office and heading home after dark without seeing the sun. Life isn’t about leaving behind a beautiful corpse, but one that has kicked and screamed its way to the grave. I believe that how you look on the outside depends heavily on how you feel on the inside. It’s all about how young you feel, instead of how old you are.

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