Whether you are a watch collector, aspire to be one, or simply enjoy looking at and admiring beautiful timepieces, Instagram has a lot to offer.

There are numerous pages for your preferences be it vintage, luxury or affordable. Here, we have shortlisted 10 of the best watch Instagram accounts for you.

The most interesting watch Instagram accounts you should follow —


watch instagram accounts
(Image: Watchfred)

The man behind this account is Fred Mandelbaum — a collector of vintage chronographs, based in Austria. On his Instagram page, you will mostly see photos of and learn intricate details about various Breitling chronographs, a brand he loves and is closely related with. He has a vast personal collection of watches including Breitling’s Navitimers and SuperOceans. None of the timepieces seen on his page is for sale.

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watch instagram accounts
(Image: MB&F)

Entrepreneur Maximilian Büsser founded the high-end watch brand MB&F in 2005 after having worked with Jaeger-LeCoultre and Harry Winston Rare Timepieces. MB&F collaborates with independent professionals — with skills from design, logistics to photography — to create beautiful timepieces. If you like your watches to be creative and unique, follow this page for updates from the brand on its latest offering and details of the products.

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(Image: Atommoore)

Watch photography is an art that Atom Moore has mastered. he is also the official photographer of New York’s Red Bar Crew, a watch collectors group. Browse through his page for detailed shots of timepieces — from the latest models to vintage ones.

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watch instagram accounts
(Image: Hodinkee)

If you want to stay updated with the world of horology, Hodinkee has you covered. Based in New York, the members of Hodinkee’s team bring you stories from around the world on everything watches. This Instagram account is also followed by celebrities like Shawn Mendes, Trever Noah, Jonah Hill and John Mayer.

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(Image: PB and Watches)

Scrolling through the PB and Watches account will leave you both wanting to buy a new watch and hungry for a snack. The photos, usually taken with food or a drink, are well lit and perfectly composed. From a Rolex placed on a bagel to an Omega pictured next to ground coffee, you’ll find unique shots of some of the best timepieces.

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(Image: Horoloupe)

Austen Chu likes watches and it reflects on his Instagram account. One of Asia’s most well-known collectors, he updates the page regularly with new images of beautiful pieces from brands like Patek Philippe, Richard Mille and Audemars Piguet — many of which he owns. He is also the founder of Hong Kong-based Wristcheck, a certified pre-owned watch platform for watch enthusiasts and collectors.

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watch instagram accounts
(Image: SJX Watches)

From the latest launches to rare creations, SJX, a Singapore-based watch journalist, keeps this page fresh with engaging content from the world of horology. While you come across products from famous luxury brands like Cartier, Hublot and Hermes, timepieces from independent watchmakers are also part of the mix.

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(Image: Julie Kraulis)

Canada-based visual artist Julie Kraulis draws watches. Something different from the usual photos of the products, Kraulis brings the timepieces to life on paper with a pencil and focusses on intricate details. From the beginning to the result, she shares glimpses of her drawing process, along with some personal life moments.

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(Image: A Blog to Watch)

This is the Instagram account of the “home of the world’s most popular watch blog since 2007.” A Blog to Watch is a publication that covers everything from high-end and luxury brands to budget-friendly options. The posts also feature reviews and watch buying guides.

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(Image: Watch Anish)

With more than 1.5 million followers, Anish Bhatt — the man behind this account — is perhaps one of the most influential watch collectors. Follow him for the latest luxury watch content and marvelling at some amazing timepieces. The bonus is his other interesting posts on cars, memes and a look into his personal lifestyle.

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