Although all-star games are quite commonplace in basketball, it’s almost unheard of when it comes to the world’s most popular sport – football. Showcasing their passion for the game, Hublot took the UEFA EURO 2016 as the perfect catalyst to not only organise an all-star game but an all-star game between legends.

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It’s best described as the clash of titans as two teams of 6 played against each other, each captained by football legends Diego Maradona and Pelé. Team Maradona included the likes of Trezeguet, Peruzzi, Ferrara, Materazzi, and Seedorf, while Team Pelé consisted of Ferdinand, Hierro, Dida, Crespo, and Bebeto. The final score hardly mattered (it ended in a draw, if you really wanted to know) when the rare chance to witness two of the best players of all time square off against each other, even if it was just a friendly, arose. Not to mention the calibre of their teammates.

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On the eve of the EURO 16, Hublot set up a pitch just a few metres from the Louvre, next to the “Colonnes de Buren” in the heart of the Palais Royal, setting the stage for the game and during half-time there was a penalty shoot-out for the UEFA Foundation, “UEFA Foundation for the children.”

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“We have all dreamt of an ideal team, of seeing some of our favourite players come together under the same colours. To see the two biggest rivals of all time team up in a legendary match, buzzing with the passion for football that drives us all, is a real privilege. This match is one of the ‘off the record’ moments that I could have chosen as my favourite ‘EURO moment’. It is a match which says a lot about Hublot’s involvement and the ties it has woven over the past decade in the world of football, by teaming up with prestigious clubs, star trainers, magicians with the ball and the best leagues,” comments Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot.

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