Whether it’s traditional analogue watches or cutting-edge smartwatches, every Diesel watch is an extension of Diesel S.p.A.’s raw, edgy and masculine aesthetic. Natural materials such as leather are layered upon industrial-modified matters such as stainless steel and manmade materials such as carbon composite, to achieve the desired hardy effect inspired by bikers.

They are stressed, etched, painted and cut into round and geometric shapes, including tiny inverted pyramids, adorning dials and crowns in a muted palette consisting of grey, charcoal, silver, dark brown, army green, black and white.

These elements are ubiquitous throughout the collection, be it a straightforward three-hand watch or a sophisticated chronograph with date. Although these watches are as durable as they come, they remain wonderfully light on the wrist thanks to ingenious use of materials and intelligent designs.

Juxtaposition comes from a selective use of bright colours such as orange and butterscotch. Despite the sharp contrast, they seemingly blend in seamlessly as a whole for a harmonious look that brings a pop when worn on the wrist.

Earlier this year, Diesel introduced a collection of smartwatches known as Diesel On.


The Diesel On embarks on a daring path by utilising industrial supplies such as screws and bolts. This is best seen on the strap choices with chrome bolts fitted on black leather strap and matte black bolts-adorned brown leather strap.

Military theme also takes the forefront as one Diesel On variant shimmers in army green while paired with a ridged and padded strap for extra comfort and rugged looks.

For those who prefer the cool stainless steel bracelet, it is available as well.

Beyond aesthetics, however, the Diesel On is not short of functionality. The smartwatch is pre-loaded with Android Wear 2.0 – Google’s latest operating system developed solely with wearable tech in mind. On top of that, it contains Diesel’s proprietary smartwatch app – Diesel T-ON-I – to help you stay organised, connected and always “on”.

Three indispensable and helpful features of the Diesel T-ON-I app developed specially for the Diesel On

T-ON-I stands for time, organising, notification and intelligence, and is to help you get through a day’s worth of itinerary as organised as possible.

Weather notification

The Diesel On displays information in a clear and concise manner. One of the first piece of information you get when you glance at the watch face is the temperature.

Upon further request, the Diesel On can relay the latest update on the weather currently and ahead of time as well for you to make plans.

Furthermore, you can set unique weather filters that change with the climate, sprinkling some fun elements even when the weather is gloomy.

Activity tracking

The Diesel On can be your life coach and workout partner thanks to its ability to track a plethora of physical activities, ranging from steps taken, distance covered and calories burnt to detailed breakdown of sleep patterns and water consumed.

You can even set personal goals to help maintain a level of health and fitness.

Besides that, the Diesel On can also be connected to other third-party health apps such as Apple HealthKit and Google Fit to sync and store data.

Do Not Disturb mode

Today’s fast-paced living and access to constant stream of information means that you are always bombarded with headline news, Facebook status updates, Whatsapp messages and much more.

Sometimes, they arrive in inconvenient times such as meetings and while you are in dreamland. A simple switch to Do Not Disturb will guarantee you peace of mind and much-needed breather after a hectic day.

But when you need to be fully “on” again, just lift your finger and lay it on the touchscreen of the Diesel On.

For more information, please visit https://www.zalora.com.my/diesel

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