At Baselworld 2017, the Fossil Group announced a major step towards smartwatches and hybrid timepieces. This year, the direction seems to be paying off with reaping returns. The Fossil Group is determined to not only craft watches that are well-designed, but also timepieces that serve a purpose in people’s everyday lives.

This is elegantly personified by the ‘Q’, specially referred to as a hybrid watch. Having the looks of a conventional watch alongside the functions of a smartwatch, the ‘Q’ effortlessly blends the best of both worlds. It allows you to stay connected, meaning that you get notified each time you receive a text message or a call. In addition, it automatically updates the local time whenever you cross international borders.

The ‘Q’ makes quite a statement coming in at 45mm stainless steel, 13mm thick and comes with several options in terms of choice of straps and bracelets, both in metal as well as leather straps in tan and dark brown. Since 2015, Fossil chose to collaborate with Google to develop their operating systems. The collaboration has proven to be mutually beneficial as Google possessed the software intelligence, whereas Fossil Group remained the experts when it came to crafting the watch.

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