Yesterday, after we had the opportunity to properly sit down and peruse all 44 watches from the Only Watch 2015 auction, we selected our favourites, pieces that we think will do well in auction this year. Here is the second half of our list, in alphabetical order.  (See Part 1 of our list here.)

MB&F Melchior

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We adore MB&F’s creativity, and Melchior, his robot table clock made with L’Epee, has definitely charmed its way into our hearts. We particularly love the blinking eyes, and the Only Watch edition is the final piece in the Melchior run of 100. It’s made in palladium-plated brass and steel with red highlights, a vivid touch of passion in this robot clock. 

Piaget Altiplano 900P

Highlights from the Only Watch 2015 Auction List - Part 2-am_il_v1001_i_e146e1295cabfd1c336ef22811022cb844_a5da48f348c719f8b43421bc9cd7336190

Piaget’s Altiplano series is elegant and gentlemanly, and the 900P edition, made in homage to its skill at creating super-thin complications, stands as the thinnest mechanical watch in the world, something that will likely remain a record given its ingenuity in incorporating the case into its movement design. On the dial, red baton hands relate the unique piece to the Only Watch charity. 

Thomas Mercer Brittanica

Highlights from the Only Watch 2015 Auction List - Part 2-am_il_v1001_i_f7cc9d549e4824aabe044758e2118f3448_775b8c3fbf8fd02c0800d857a37d358246

The British have a long tradition of creating beautiful marine chronometers since Harrison’s time, and Thomas Mercer is continuing that tradition. His Brittanica table chronometer, which was made with furniture designer Jake Phipps also bears a celestial map of the constellations from the point of Geneva following the date of the Only Watch auction. The constellation map is made in bas-relief, with hand-painted blue details. Beautiful. 

Tudor Heritage Black Bay One

Highlights from the Only Watch 2015 Auction List - Part 2-am_il_v1001_i_c3aa39ad41536e90bc4aec14805364be85_a0d35c42ed242ad4cf3d10d120c7a6c016

The Heritage Black Bay is one of our favourite diving watch remakes. The reference 7923 from which it takes its design bears many similarities, such as the domed crystal, the rotatable bezel design that’s accurate to the original, the gilt dial. There are some improvements, such as a larger 41mm size for a more contemporary look. It comes with a bracelet as well as fabric strap for practical use. 

Vacheron Constantin Métiers d’art Mécaniques Ajourées

Highlights from the Only Watch 2015 Auction List - Part 2-am_il_v1001_i_8905e75c12c65fdaa53b8a13045c206769_f3715c13d15abd884b7a78d5f127a37721

The art of skeletonisation is one that has been explored in all forms at Vacheron Constantin, and the company manages to make it look effortless and perfect from all angles. The architeture of the Only Watch piece, that bears a ring of red on the inner bezel with black hands, also has the auction indicated at the crown side with a limited edition of 1 indicated on the case back. 

Voutilainen GMT-6

Highlights from the Only Watch 2015 Auction List - Part 2-am_il_v1001_i_41e378026608497c6259c7d21875f42f60_9c0120f92a6ab21f522aad340629cd2217

The self-taught, humble and ever so cool Kari Voutilainen has been an ardent supporter of Only Watch, and the new GMT timepiece that he’s created, with a sub-dial at 6 o’clock to indicate the second time zone and a day/night display, is used for this year’s auction. The dial is engine-turned, with a blue grand feu enamel on it. What’s incredible is the movement, with a massive escapement that keeps precise time visible on the back. 

Vulcain 50s President’s Enamel Pegasus

Highlights from the Only Watch 2015 Auction List - Part 2-am_il_v1001_i_431744d79e7efa26d2b6a944e70c9be041_af92531d7688629993b3fd0cbba7d4b497

Pegasus, the winged horse that is the Greek god’s mode of transport to the heavens, is swiftly drawn on an engined turned dial, with cloisonne enamel and Vulcain’s statement alarm movement. It’s a beautifully decorated piece, bearing 12 diamonds as markers on the dial. 

Zenith El Primero Lightweight Tribute to Rolling Stones

Highlights from the Only Watch 2015 Auction List - Part 2-am_il_v1001_i_a36786e3e723172dbea178a21f5c5f8002_f39aa5025d50d94a89309e7566b5e08536

The classic rock band entered into a partnership with Zenith last year, and produced a special edition of the El Primero dedicated to Keith and band. There are hints of the Rolling Stones’ presence all over the watch, from the Fender Telecaster in the hands to the red tongue on the rotor. The DLC titanium case keeps the watch ultralight, and this unique piece will be presented for auction at Only Watch this year. 

For more updates to come on Only Watch, stay tuned

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