David Beckham is no stranger to stepping out of the comfort zone and pushing his limits.

Not one to shy away from the limelight, the legendary former professional football player recently made a (literal) splash when he was posed a challenge by Swiss watch brand Tudor.

The mission? Free diving in open waters for the very first time.

Beckham got ready for the challenge by recruiting the help of French world champion free diver, Morgan Bourc’his. His training sessions first took place in a swimming pool, where he was outfitted in a full diving gear, to pick up optimal breathing techniques from Bourc’his.

David Beckham training for his first free dive.

In addition to dispensing breathing techniques, Bourc’his reminded Beckham that the ultimate goal of the challenge was to enjoy the experience. Sensing Beckham’s anxiety around free diving in open waters and shark phobia, he added, “Of course it [the ocean]’s a very large, wide area. But there are no bad monsters.”

David Beckham and Morgan Bourc’his in open waters.

Now ready, the men headed out for the open seas. Although still unnerved, Beckham managed to put aside his fears and complete a couple of descents with Bourc’his.

Beckham shared the whirlwind of emotions he experienced, saying, “Being out there, I thought, I have to control my breathing and I have to be calm – but I’m in the middle of the ocean with the waves. These are the moments when you are born to dare. It is about putting yourself in situations where you face challenge, which I like. Most of the time these situations bring out the best in me.”

Watch the entire video here:

Wondering about the watch that both Beckham and Bourc’his have on? Meet the Tudor Pelagos diving watch.

Originating from Greek, the word “Pelagos” can be interpreted as “relating to, or living in the open sea.” As its name suggests, the Tudor Pelagos was made for underwater adventures.

Meet the Tudor Pelagos.

The watch is waterproof up to 500m (each model has been factory-tested to 625m), while its titanium case and bracelet mean that it’ll hardly weigh down on the wrist (titanium weighs 40% less than stainless steel). The watch’s Tudor Manufacture Calibre comes with a 70-hour power reserve and is COSC-certified. Furthermore, the watch is equipped with a helium escape valve and completely luminescent display.

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