Kross Studio’s relationship with Lucasfilm and Star Wars is well documented. The renowned Swiss design studio has already released multiple timepieces inspired by the iconic sci-fi franchise. Its latest offering to this long-standing collaboration is this Boba Fett tourbillon.

Boba Fett Tourbillon: A Timepiece for the Galaxy’s Most Famous Bounty Hunter

boba fett tourbillion

Taking inspiration from the legendary Star Wars bounty hunter, the new limited edition timepiece is limited to just 10 sets. It also costs a hefty USD120,000 (RM 527,000). Arguably it’s one for hardcore (and well-heeled) fans of Star Wars but there’s certainly several cool factors surrounding this new Star Wars timepiece.

For starters, it’s not just a timepiece but a collector’s set. Taking inspiration from one of the most enigmatic characters in the Star Wars galaxy, the Boba Fett timepiece is uniquely designed manual wound central tourbillon model that comes with its own watch display set modelled after the bounty hunter’s starship.

The central tourbillon is now indelibly associated with Kross Studio. Here, the mechanical complication is showcased within a 45mm grade 5 titanium case, coated with chocolate PVD. If you look closely enough, you’ll even see a miniature starship on its landing platform at the top of the tourbillon’s cage.

Composed of eight pieces, each manufactured miniature tourbillon resembling Boba Fett’s firespray starship has been meticulously engraved and hand painted to mimic the weathered appearance of Boba Fett’s ship as it appears in Bespin at Cloud City in the Star Wars film saga. According to Kross Studio, it took 90 hours to make each of the ten pieces, making each one a unique piece.

Expert Craftsmanship

The timepiece also employs a unique peripheral format for reading the hours and minutes. This is presented through a planetary gear system that orbits 360 degrees around the tourbillon. The hour hand is inspired by Boba Fett’s jetpack and the minute hand by its rocket, two iconic items that the bounty hunter carries permanently.

The clarity and symmetry of the Boba Fett-inspired Tourbillon dial belies the complexity of its manual-wound central tourbillon movement, which is composed of 220 parts. Each of the ten numbered timepieces was designed and assembled within the Kross Studio atelier in Gland, Switzerland.

Thanks to Kross Studio’s ingenious D-ring crown system, which is found on the case back, no visible crown impedes the case’s perfect symmetry. The barrel’s mainspring is wound by lifting the D-ring on the case back, which is turned like a key, offering a more intuitive and more efficient user experience than a traditional crown. The timepiece offers a maximum power reserve of five days. Time-setting is just as simple, completed by pressing the “Time Set” push button at 3 o’clock while simultaneously turning the case back D-ring in either direction.

Boba Fett Tourbillon Watch

The Boba Fett tourbillon offered by Kross Studio comes with interchangeable straps. Fitted with a hidden quick-release system, users can swap straps according to their desires. The timepiece is paired with a green polyamide strap embossed with the pattern of Boba Fett’s chest armour and a chocolate coloured calf leather strap and black rubber strap.

To ensure the collectable timepiece can be displayed properly, Kross Studio worked with prop experts EFX to create 10 unique watch displays that would fit the Boba Fett collectors set. Naturally, both companies settled on Boba Fett’s iconic starship as the vessel for this limited edition tourbillon.

The starship makes for the ideal watch display to ferry the Boba Fett Tourbillon. The timepiece sits in the replica’s cockpit allowing it to be displayed as an art piece.  Each EFX Boba Fett’s starship watch display is the same scale as the actual filming model as seen in ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’.

boba fett tourbillion

They are made with an aluminium and acrylic substructure with the detail parts cast in resin. Each detail piece is individually cast from a master made from the same model kit parts used to make the screen used prop and then carefully finished and painted by hand. The starship-inspired watch display comes affixed on a platform resembling a ship landing pad and made of wood in Kross Studio ateliers.

The Boba Fett collector sets will be available for individual sale at, or through official partners and select authorised retailers.

(Images: Kross Studio)

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