Montblanc: A Lesson in Heritage-am_il_v1001_i_53a446e4ff405fe0525c9493212e52df42_52551014624a732a4e946d1ddc83eb5061

Mention the terms Meisterstück and Montblanc in the same sentence and you’re bound to hear praise being heaped on the famous line of fountain pens by the brand. To celebrate 90 years of the line, Montblanc unveiled a new watch collection to follow in the same success and name as well.

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Meisterstück, German for masterpiece, is an apt title for the new collection. Heading the collection is the Heritage Pulsograph, a wristwatch equipped with pulsometer scales that measure brief intervals precisely; popular among physicians for the ability to calculate heart rate based on the time taken to measure 30 heartbeats. These pulsographs were powered by the noteworthy Minerva Calibre 13.20 (first encased in 1923 – close to the Montblanc Meisterstück fountain pen 149. The new chronograph
movement in the Heritage Pulsograph is the Montblanc Calibre MB M13.21 and inspired by Minerva Calibre 13.20. Aesthetically, the watch is as classic as classic goes. It’s inherently a dress chronograph at its best, with the subdials bringing a unique touch without cluttering the dial.


Montblanc: A Lesson in Heritage-am_il_v1001_i_022f80dd59c5ec34410be0bfe99d2b8855_11749b39cbbf57b0db2cd01906922b2a39

The next piece we’re excited for is the Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Perpetual Calendar. Powered by the self-winding mechanical Calibre MB 29.15, each watch is subjected to a comprehensive 500-hour quality test at the manufacture in Le Locle. The watch is tested for accuracy, the level of waterproofing for the case, and the functionality for each of the displays. It’s a handsome piece that demands absolute attention to a man’s wrist immediately. The counters are arranged close to the centre of the dial, leaving space for the indices.

Montblanc: A Lesson in Heritage-am_il_v1001_i_81c1f66adbc3d60b8c821e3916fd8a2e61_d8a420f06db7105c4881c2e624e072da06


The last two watches in the Meisterstück collection boast the same simple traditional aesthetics that will put the range as one of Montblanc’s most prominent ones. The Heritage Moonphase and Heritage Date Automatic present clean cut dials that showcase the best of classicism. The self-winding mechanical Calibre MB 24.17 in the Heritage Date Automatic concentrates on the essential functions in a watch making it a practical and stylish piece for the everyman. In the handsome Heritage Moonphase, the automatic Calibre MB 29.14 lends one of the most beautiful of complications to the piece.

Montblanc: A Lesson in Heritage-am_il_v1001_i_fd7a31e6468677a39fde5f142446d1ec49_c34d1589814faf597de1eb1c3e5e06f153

For Montblanc, the line will likely present a different approach to its current available lines. We’re looking forward to the future of the collection and new additions that will undoubtedly join the already stunning watches now.

Montblanc: A Lesson in Heritage-am_il_v1001_i_204960903986541e8a0ea3ab8b86f5a236_f09a695537640f5c14f38d37833b904d36
Montblanc: A Lesson in Heritage-am_il_v1001_i_8c931d035a09853499a7dbf70aa421fe45_8da8e4de0dab8e9a44c14957a01b964848
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