Earlier this week, we wrote about the initiation of the Steve McCurry Overseas photography tour with Vacheron Constantin, showcasing 3 of the locations he’s already shot at. Today, we unveil 3 more locations in detail. 

Leshan Giant Buddha, China
The massive 71-metre tall giant Buddha statue, carved out of rock and made famous in the movie The Storm Riders, starring Ekin Cheng and Aaron Kwok, is one of the biggest statues in the area. It’s often seen as a protector over the Sichuan province, particularly to sailors in the choppy waters where it’s located, where three rivers converge. McCurry said, “What impressed me about this Buddha was its face that shows a neutral and benevolent smile. He observes the world and gazes affectionately at us as if he wished to protect us for all eternity.”

Tsurunoyu, Japan
Focusing on the Japanese culture of the hot spring baths or onsens, McCurry headed over to Tsurunoyu in the province of Akita, all the way up north on the main island. The simple and untouched arenas of the province make it a very special spot, where nature rules. Using the onsen follows a strict ritual that’s handed down from the past. One needs to be purified before you can proceed into the springs. McCurry considers it to be a highlight of the trip. “When we arrived there, it had been snowing for three days. Everything was shrouded in a mantle of white, as if in a dream. It was truly fascinating to witness this magical contrast between the coldness of the snow and the warmth of the baths.” 

Manufacture Vacheron Constantin, Geneva
Designed by Swiss architect Bernard Tschumi developed a building based on the idea of sophistication in a watch matched with the simplicity of design. Using materials, spatial design and modern and timeless lines. McCurry visited the manufacture sometime ago and pointed out his admiration of Tschumi’s work, as well as Vacheron Constantin. “You find yourself facing this incredible shape, this architecture, this singular design that is also an authentic work of art, a concrete example of human genius. I see it as a perfect match between beauty and precision.” 

The exhibition and the behind-the-scenes photos also showcase a new range of Overseas models that have yet to be revealed. The Overseas Worldtime is available in three dial types – silver, blue and brown – and the rest of the models presented at SIHH 2016 earlier this year are now also available in a brown dial. The Overseas Worldtime bears the calibre 2460WT with a map of the world display that indicates day/night time function as well. It commemorates 85 years of Vacheron Constantin creating world timers as well as the 20th anniversary of the Overseas. 

We’ll be waiting on the next six locations from McCurry. In the meantime, you can indulge in these photos. 

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