Close to three centuries ago, the British explorer James Cook met Tupaia, a Polynesian priest who had in his possessions a detailed map showing all the major islands in the South Pacific. It was unlike anything Cook had ever seen.

Tupaia would go on to accurately lead Cook and his band of explorers around the archipelago on Cook’s boat without ever consulting a map, a compass or any type of navigational instrument. Tupaia merely relied on his keen sense of direction and his brain.

It was only a decade ago that researchers and scientists managed to loosely pinpoint the reason for Tupaia’s amazing memory and his innate thirst for wanderlust – a gene variant given the name DRD4-7R. It is this gene that inspires Hartmann‘s new luggage collection, the 7R Master.

Hartmann 7R Master Collection: Made for the Adventurer-am_il_v1001_i_36fdb5748de65eff8e5a6bdb3b610afa86_1f3772353e92fe72c9d09b3573b7227768

Made for people who are always pursuing novelties and challenging themselves to make changes, the 7R Master is crafted from top-grade aluminium and is designed to be roughly handled. There are more than 200 parts, 40 special artisan tools and 250 steps involved in creating a single 7R Master luggage, and everything is done manually by hand.

The 7R Master comes in two colours – quartz and rose gold – and is available at Hartmann‘s flagship store at Wisma Atria.

Hartmann 7R Master Collection: Made for the Adventurer-am_il_v1001_i_6436b081c22d2c3286f1d524d8f451f411_e505790b485fdd8e47ce26de7d80a1de32
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