Can’t wait to experience the Genting SkyWorlds theme park?

Don’t you miss the cool, crisp and caressing breeze up on Genting Highlands? From grabbing a lobster roll at Burger & Lobster, to chilling out with craft beer in hand at the outdoor terrace of the Brooklyn Bar, to rolling the dice at the casino, to a cultural visit at the Chin Swee Caves Temple, the list is endless and there are heaps of leisurely activities waiting for you. Very soon, Resorts World Genting has officially opened its doors, despite it being a soft launch at this stage, we’re sure there’s fun for the whole family to be had. 

The to-do to be crossed off for your next escapade is the much-anticipated Genting SkyWorlds theme park, teeming with thematic attractions and world-class rides. The theme park, often times shrouded in mist, features nine movie and adventure-inspired “worlds” and no doubt is a game-changer.

Genting skyworlds
Genting SkyWorlds opened to the public on 8 February 2022

Studio Plaza – Where Adventures Begin 

A prelude to 8 other worlds that lie ahead, the adventure begins at Studio Plaza. It boasts an eye-catching façade inspired by the halcyon days of cinema, reflecting a sense of cinematic grandeur, as it welcomes you into the theme park.  

Eagle Mountain – Race to Victory 

One of the many thrilling rides Genting has in store to keep your adrenaline pumping, Mad Ramp Peak – Full Throttle Racing is the world’s first dual-powered coaster bike ride. Here at Eagle Mountain, you are instantly transported to a forsaken wild west town in the middle of a Californian desert, serving as a pit stop for transiting bikers.  

Central Park – Experience World-Class Offerings 

genting skyworlds
The Central Park Asteroid Arcade

The most spacious of all worlds, Central Park is lined with multiple attractions. From the Natural History Museum to the stunning fountain show at the Lake of Dreams, you can expect to be whisked to a land of fantasy. But that’s not all.  

You can team up with the museum’s night guard on an action-packed 3D interactive ride at Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem, board a hybrid aerospace fighter at ESD Global Defender and jump into a space mission at Independence Day: Defiance against a backdrop of a state-of-the-art dome screen. 

Rio – Vamos, Dançar, Rio! 

Get into the groove as the carnival kicks off. Modelled after the bustling neighbourhood of Santa Teresa, the thrilling rides here count the unique double-decker Blue Sky Carousel, the Rio Carnival Chaos! twirling teacups ride and the Samba Gliders which propels you to a height of 65 feet.  

Liberty Lane – Excitement at Every Turn 

Apart from themed food outlets, Liberty Lane’s raison d’etre is the Invasion of the Planet of the Apes ride. Designed exclusively for Genting SkyWorlds, this pulsating ride is arrayed with immersive elements including Caesar and other iconic primates in a battle for survival.  

Andromeda Base – The Search for Space is Just Beginning 

genting skyworlds
An overview of Andromeda Base

In this galactic world, you will be put through your paces in a series of challenges. One of them is the Terraform Tower Challenge, with breath-taking views from top and a surprise at the start. The drill continues at Boot Camp Training, where physical obstacle courses will challenge even the most agile space recruits, while the Alpha Fighter Pilots ride will engross you with a 360 multi-directional simulation.  

Apart from the rides, the theme park will house a number of dining, retail and entertainment outlets. They include Buck’s Café for a feast of delicious Western and Asian fare, the self-explanatory Classic Burgers and Aunt Fanny’s Confectionery.  

Initially set to open in mid-year 2021, the Genting SkyWorlds theme park will welcome guests at an unannounced date, pending the successful implementation of the National Recovery Plan.

Epic – Explore the Hidden Kingdom 

genting skyworlds
Voyage to Moonhaven is one of the fun rides (in which you’ll get wet) within the Epic area

At Bomba’s House is where you embark on the indoor boat ride of Epic Voyage to Moonhaven, which will take you through a tour with Mub and Grub. The land also includes Epic Hummingbird Flyers where you are enlisted to help defend Queen Marigold from the Boggans. 

Robots Rivet Town – Spin into Fun Times 

The family-friendly Robots Rivet Town features Bigweld’s Zeppelins, a soaring fleet offering panoramic views, as well as the Rivet Town Roller, an adventurous capsule ride. 

Ice Age – The Coolest Adventure 

Travel back in time and join Sid and the herd in Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice, as they journey through ice caverns and a flowing lava tunnel. You will accompany Scrat on a scream-worthy roller coaster as the creature goes in search of his elusive acorn around the icy summit. After which, you may proceed to Sid’s Rock N Slide motion-filled log ride adventure and the Mammoth Fun Zone which caters to children of all ages.  

Food Options

genting skyworlds
One of the many eateries within Genting SkyWorlds is Trattoria Il Lago

There’s also plenty to eat and drink within Genting SkyWorlds, from proper Italian food, to burgers, pizza and giant hotdogs, not to mention fish and chips, desserts, and a myriad of other offerings for you and your loved ones to discover.


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