When she’s not crunching strategies at the big C or drinking coffee, Amanda Lee spends her time doing what she loves most. Planning and executing travel plans. Incredibly passionate, Amanda pushes the boundaries beyond her comfort zone, aspiring to be the best version of herself that she can be. Perhaps it’s because of this fiery essence that convinced FiftySix Degrees to appoint her as the brand’s official ambassador.

During an interview session with August Man Malaysia, the seasoned traveller was asked about her adventures, the importance of being adventurous, as well as the brand’s role in impacting her life as a traveller.

On board the train from China-Mongolia-Russia

What’s unique about FiftySix Degrees?

You’d be surprise! FiftySix Degrees is a blended scotch whisky distilled by Ian Macleod Distillers in Scotland. Definitely one of its kind. That’s what makes FiftySix Degrees unique in its own right – light fruity notes with a slight tinge of oak can be detected with just a sip. FiftySix Degrees is meant to appeal to a new generation of whisky drinkers and satisfy the Asian palate, and also more specifically, the Malaysian one.

With her travelling companion, FiftySix Degrees!

Do you like it neat or on the rocks?

I personally like it neat and that’s the best way to enjoy a great whisky. 56 Degrees is pleasant to the senses, it actually gives you a short but silky finish, more of an extension of the mouth-coating fruitiness. Try it for yourself!

Saint Basilica, Moscow Russia

As we know, you are someone who enjoys traveling and seeing the world. Embracing different cultures, how important would you say it is for one to be adventurous?

We live in a world that is rich in culture, heritage and people. Aside from being able to experience something new, you are able to expand your horizon and pick up a thing or two about various cuisines, languages and landscapes. Once you catch the adventure bug, it is mind blowing to discover that the world is incredibly diverse and we all have a unique way of dictating our everyday life. After all, what is life but one GRAND adventure?

Walking the Moscow Kremlin Walls, Russia

You are the official brand ambassador of FiftySix Degrees, could you share a little on how that came together? And how has it impacted your life as someone who has a passion in travelling?

I’m truly honoured to be given the opportunity and it’s been such a pleasure to be anointed as the official brand ambassador of FiftySix Degrees. I happened to stumble across one of their events in Penang and decided to take on one of the five challenges. I was shortlisted to compete in an adventurous Hash Run and came out as the winner for the Trans Siberian Railway trip! I got to travel solo across amazing places from Beijing to Moscow. Travelling over 8000 km by train was certainly one heck of an adventure.

Travelling and seeing the world builds character. You don’t know what you’re made of until you step into the unknown. It is not just about ticking the “bucket list”, but rather embracing the impact that it’d have on you as a person. Being on a train for 72 hours without showering and sharing cabins with 3 other people certainly got me out of my comfort zone. Luckily for me, I brought along a bottle of 56 degrees and shared it along with my bunkmates. I thoroughly enjoyed roughing it out and I had a lot of time along my journey for personal reflection. I believe I’m an extrovert and one of the best things about travelling are the friendships you forge as well as the connections you make with people from all over the globe. These are the things that you don’t get to experience from books or TV.  My passion in travelling have greatly influence how I interact with people, humanity towards the rest of the world and the kickstart of my personal travel blog, JetSetAmanda.

Bunk beds on board the Trans Siberian Railway

You embarked on the Trans-Siberian Railway Trip, tell us more about that!

The Trans Siberian Railway Trip was indeed eye opening! I had to pack my stuff with the temperature that I’d have to endure in mind, which ranges from 15 to 30 degrees. It was in the month of May but the temperature dropped as we moved from Beijing to Mongolia, Siberia and Russia. I had several highlights definitely worth mentioning. One of them was staying in a Mongolia Yurt. As I was enjoying my FiftySix Degrees whisky, it started snowing in the summer. I’ve always wanted to walk inside the Kremlin Walls and see the St. Basil’s Basilica and the Red Square in Moscow. That was definitely a dream come true. I’ve also got to experience a Russian Banya Sauna self-built by our cabin master, where the ritual includes smacking yourself with a bunch of dried branches and leaves to improve circulation for good health. This was my maiden trip to China and I had so much fun strolling around the Forbidden city, hiking up to Jingshan Park and indulging in one of the most succulent Peking Duck. If you’re up for an epic adventure, Trans Siberian Railway should be among your top ten adventures to embark!


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