Were you one of the eager folks who took part in our giveaway to win two return AirAsia flight tickets to Jeju Island last month? This article is curated specially for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are to be our potential winner of the giveaway, or you are looking to travel to Jeju Island any time soon despite the contest, (or you’re just wanderlusting to someday head there in the meantime), August Man Malaysia has listed down three kinds of accommodations available via AirAsiaGo up for consideration for you and your travel partner(s), when you get down and dirty to plan the nitty gritty part of the trip.

Whether if you are roughing it out as a budget traveller/backpacker, or looking for a cheap and cheery getaway with a comfortable bed to repose every night, or going all out for a “go big or go home” trip, there is somewhere to stay for any kind of traveller of any kind of budget at the pristine island of Jeju in South Korea.



Many budget travellers are willing to sacrifice a few hours of comfort while sleeping just to save up a few pennies on sightseeing and food; their mantra often being: as long as there is a bed under a roof to sleep in, they do not mind roughing it out with strangers in the same room or sharing potentially messy bathrooms.

However, due to the high demands of budget travelling worldwide, backpackers, hostels and guesthouses in recent times have cleaned up their acts, and made sure guests do not have to live like savages while enjoying the most of their time during their holidays, especially when it comes to basic amenities and facilities granted for humankind. Not to mention, get to know a few friends along the way while sharing travel stories in the common room.

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On the Stone Guesthouse
Right at the Eastern tip of Jeju Island, with the Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak a quick 2KM hike away, and the Udo Island a ferry ride away, this guesthouse is perfect for nature travellers who are more on the great outdoors rather than the indoors. The capsule bunk beds provide the barest necessity for a good night’s sleep, and get you recharged for a new day’s adventure at the abovementioned destinations, as well as Seopjikoji, Manjanggul Cave, and at the heart of the island, the Hallasan National Park.


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Ganderak Guesthouse
Hosting rooms for two and four, Ganderak offers plenty of space in a room with your partner or friends, with a price tag that keeps the smile on everyone’s face. Sure, there may be a slight brawl while figuring out who gets the top or bottom bunk, but being in the city centre with notable attractions like Samseonghyeol, Dongmun Market, Sarabong Park and Yongyeon Pond just around the block, (not to mention, a commune hot tub within the vicinity), sweet dreams are bound to be abundant even if you do not get the bunk bed of your choice.


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Harry and Sodam Guesthouse
This guesthouse offers dormitories to share with old friends or new friends, as well as the choice of private rooms with a touch of Korean living. Whether if it’s unfurling the futon come bedtime, or snuggling in bed in one of their ondol rooms of traditional underfloor heating architecture, Harry and Sodam features traditional Korean interior designs holding together spacious common areas indoors with a view of the garden, and outdoors with a view of Iho Beach and beyond some 4KM away.



Pension houses are abundant on the grounds of Jeju Island, accommodations run separately by the owners themselves ala AirBnB that could very easily be your home away from home while travelling.

For those travelling with families and friends, who would like a comfortable home all to yourselves, it’s all about choosing the right pension house that is suitable to your budget, and perhaps even located at somewhere on the island that is closest to the tourist spots and activities lined up in your itinerary.

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Room at 155
Whichever room you choose to check in to in Room at 155, you are bound to have a sea view of the East China Sea at your disposal. With a room on the two-storey house, each roomy enough to sleep four, the rooms are isolated from each other despite being under the same roof, yet joined seamlessly for a party of travellers to have the entire house to themselves. The spacious backyard garden calls for BBQ gatherings during warmer seasons, as well as quiet moments in the mornings by yourself with a cup of tea or a quick sun salutation to welcome the day.


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Junyhiro Private House
This pension house may just be the beach cottage you have been dreaming of having all to yourself: a quaint little house with white picket fence and stoned gravel path, leading into a home with wooden interior structure filled with all your everyday needs.

Gather up your friends (or if you choose, on your own), and pile into the Junyhiro duplex, and live off the rest of your holiday like you would the rest of your life. Rent a car for the duration of your stay, and head out to explore Jeju Island in your own time, visiting places of interest such as the Andeok Valley, Hwasun Golden Sand Beach and Jungmun Saekdal Beach.


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Chason Hotel The Smile
Besides pension houses, travellers may opt for the few boutique hotels available in Jeju Island, like Chason Hotel The Smile located within the Seogwipo district on the Southern part of the island. The whimsical hotel has that you will ever need for a comfortable trip, with rooms of all sizes to fit any kinds of traveller, fitted with ondol heated floors and soundproof walls, as well as a kitchenette and laundry area. Not to mention, the option of having breakfast in bed upon waking up in a room of such happy disposition – Chason Hotel The Smile is sure to keep one’s trip cheap and cheery throughout.



Is your upcoming Jeju Island trip a honeymoon as newlyweds, or you just have too much cash on your hands to make it rain? If your trip to the “Island of the Gods” is the last holiday you will ever have in this lifetime, (or you just want to impress your in-laws that the future of your new wife is indeed in safe hands), of course you would like to go out with a bang that will put to shame any Tom, Dick and Harry heading to the same destination.

These accommodations may have you breaking the bank (and a little bit more), but we will guarantee you that upon checking in, you will be living like kings, and will not want to leave the premise – or even head home, (partly because you have no spare change left to buy your homebound air ticket).

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Muumoon Stay
If the abovementioned pension houses are not enough to accommodate your group of 12 for the trip, (or they just seem too dismal to your personal taste for a holiday home), might we divert your attention to this swanky three-bedroom bungalow/cottage? Tastefully decorated with a designer’s interior in mind, we bet the home you’re staying in right now is not as extravagant as Muumoon Stay. With the Sanbangsan Mountain Tansan Hot Springs and the Yongmeori Coast nearby, we have no reason to believe why you would even step out of the 1,494sqft premise during your entire stay.


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The Shilla Jeju
A touch of the Hamptons right on the UNESCO Heritage Site island, The Shilla Jeju is a sight to behold all on its own. Five types of standard and premier rooms, and six suites to check in to, the resort is packed with facilities and activities that will keep you busy throughout your entire trip: from glamping stays with top notch food menu, to high class excursions with their Guest Activity Organiser (G.A.O), to wine parties at the Terrace Garden after a relaxing stroll in the Soombi Garden and in-house art gallery.


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Kensington Jeju
Another majestic resort you may choose to stay in is the lavish Kensington Jeju. There are four swimming pools to dive into – up top at the Rooftop Skyfinity pool, and on ground at the Garden Oceanfinity pool, as well as at the outdoor luxury gazebo, or the indoor pool. Besides that, five F&B outlets within the premise to indulge in Japanese, Chinese, European, Western and Korean cuisines.

Not to mention, eight different rooms and suites to cater to your pampering stay: the nautical-inspired Marine Suite, the Korean- and Western-styled Korean Jeju Suite, the Paw in Paw (of the popular TV animation series) room and suite – yes, even one specially for the little ones, and the posh English-inspired Presidential Suite fit for any world leaders plotting out their world domination.

AirAsia X now flies direct to Jeju Island four times a week. Book your choice of accommodation via AirAsiaGo today.

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