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BRUNCH outings are great, but for a full-day itinerary in Penang, cafe-hopping in George Town is actually the tastier fit.

Sourcing new hangout spots to feature on your Instagram is a never-ending endeavour, because going to the same ones just screams a lack of originality.

If you venture out on your weekends, cafe-hopping in George Town is an easy solution that’s not too far away, especially when justified with its resplendent brunch and high-tea offerings.

We’re giving you 5 of the best hangouts in George Town, Penang. Fit this into your weekend travel itinerary or go on an adventurous cafe trail; you won’t be running out of nice flatlays, local-favourite beverages and desserts to indulge in anytime soon.

Images belong to respective cafes.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia.

Coffee Downstairs

Specialty coffee is abundant, but if adventurous is your middle name, try Coffee Downstairs’ experimental variants. Those gutsy enough to try its sous vide coffee and nitro black kombucha will have their caffeine cravings satisfied.

For desserts, it has the classic brownie known to have the right amount of crunch on the top and flowy chocolate in the middle; it’s baked to perfection.


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Komichi Tea House

If you loved Maccha House, this will be a treat for the Japan-lovers cafe-hopping in George Town. It’s a promise that a trip to Komichi Tea House on Lorong Toh Aka will be worth it for the matcha junkies.

If you aren’t too crazy about that, there’s red bean dorayaki, black sesame swiss roll, daifuku, and more that are equally satisfying for those with a penchant for other Japanese sweets.

Lavish Fusion Bakery

You don’t want to miss the Lavish Fusion Bakery for bomb photos to post on your Instagram — make sure you pick a seat right in front of its indoor vertical plant wall.

But more than that, Lavish Fusion Bakery has excellent cronut dessert dishes, flavoured souffle pancakes (even a durian one) and dessert drinks. Make sure to try its remake of the watermelon cake.


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Right at the corner of Bricklin road, Le楽 keeps things simple with a no-fuss menu. The cafe first debuted the orange chocolate chiffon and matcha cream cheese chiffon, but now there’s also a honey baked cheese chiffon cake that they serve only on weekends.

From time to time, the bakery whips up new items like its Mentaiko Crab Toast and Tuna Salad Toast —  you can be sure to try something new each time you’re back.


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With its newly revamped look, Norm has the perfect Instagram aesthetic: Natural light, wood and plants with glass elements in the interior — all with an equally inviting menu to match.

By day, have your decadent dessert waffles or a creamy classic tiramisu to go with your iced latte.

By dusk, Norm becomes Noct, an after-dark concept where baristas become bartenders. Caffeine offerings are swapped with alcohol, as the cafe-turned-bar serves specialty cocktail and sinful suppers.


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