Pocket squares are dandy add-ons to an outfit, but in fact are a style accessory that emerged from utility. In the past, men used handkerchiefs for hygiene and carried them in their jacket pocket for convenience. This eventually fell into disuse as tissues were invented, but it remained as a style accessory. 

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There are hundreds of ways to wear pocket squares, but to be frank, we hardly use more than three or four standard ones. We’ve got a few more rules that we think you ought to know about them. Check out our video to find out more, or read them here. 

1. Don’t match your pocket square with your tie. Be creative and have a bit of fun with your selections and buys. Go for bold, strong colours, but avoid bold ties and pocket squares at the same time. 

2. Silkscreened pocket squares are longer lasting than ink jet printed ones, and also cooler. How can you tell the difference between the two? Ink jet prints will not be properly visible on the back of the pocket square. 

3. Linen and silk are both good choices as materials. They hold a shape and style better as well. Avoid cotton where possible. Heavier alternatives such as tweed are also interesting. 

Have fun with your choices and practice with these four styles: the flat fold, the three point, the dunaway and puff, where you can.

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Style Your Pocket Square Right

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