Design is something that baffles the average person. Take Apple for example. Its product design is the result of a process of improvement. Microsoft‘s new products are just as consistent as well. In the luxury arena, there are only a few brands that have that continuous standard of a design language that speaks the same values, but still looks different. Hermès and Cartier are two good examples of this. 

What Makes a Cartier, Cartier? Pierre Rainero has the answer-am_il_v1001_i_d37c47bbbb30e4dd9a7399c3eb1c463727_d5ebdd83f8c8f145dbb2603c939a2cc312

The Panther, one of Cartier’s most notable emblems, still maintains its grace to this day

A number of Cartier’s bigwigs are in town this week to unveil the Étourdissant Cartier (it translates to “dazzling Cartier”), an exhibition of 600 objects created by the watch and jewellery brand. The exhibition will be open to the public for one day, 31 October, but for now, private collectors and buyers are getting a glimpse of an impressive amount of Cartier objects, 50 of which have never been seen before. As for the remainder, some were presented earlier this year on the French Riviera, others are vintage items or Cartier creations that have been crafted in the last two years and demonstrate the style and character of the maison. 

What Makes a Cartier, Cartier? Pierre Rainero has the answer-am_il_v1001_i_d9dd8158cf46e7126308d1f73feafb7f84_6bc2a7bccd88afc02c6057a9fc21815700

The Tank Basculante, with a reversible sliding case, is one of our favourite Tanks

Cartier has an ability to create very iconic objects and items. Its timepieces for men are very good examples of this, with the Tank and Santos watch cases being the most successful examples of square or rectangular watches availble. (The Reverso stands at a close second.) 

Pierre Rainero is the image, style and heritage director of Cartier. He curates the heritage collection, watches over the museum and sits on the board of Cartier’s product development group, which pores through every single object that will be produced under the maison’s name, whether for special order or regular store products. We asked him what it takes to make a Cartier product, well, Cartier. Check out his answer in the video. 

He explains that his role is not to hold back and “protect” the identity of Cartier but to ensure that each product has a development and evolution cycle that has longevity. i.e. Cartier doesn’t like to make one-offs that go nowhere. An example is the Tank watch, which continues to evolve today. He also talks about how men’s perceptions of jewellery is changing thanks to the modern Asian man who’s not afraid to flash a little bling for style. (Here’s to you, GD and friends.) 

Étourdissant Cartier will be presented at the Singapore Pinacothèque de Paris for one day only on Saturday, 31 October 2015, from 10 am to 6 pm. A shuttle bus service between the main entrance of Park Mall and the Singapore Pinacothèque will be provided at 15-minute intervals.

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What Makes a Cartier, Cartier? Pierre Rainero has the answer

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