According to the IWSR, a trade publication on the wine and spirits industry, The Glenlivet became the world’s largest single malt whisky brand. It passed the million case a year mark. Laurent Lacassagne, the chairman and CEO of Chivas Brothers said, “in response to consumer demand, we are delivering ever more innovative styles of whisky and more engagement. The Glenlivet has proudly led the category on these fronts.” 

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The Speyside distillery maker, which celebrated its 190th anniversary last year, has a long and distinguished history that sets its apart from its competitors. Today, it remains a popular whisky, particularly in the Americas and Asia. Here’s why we find The Glenlivet particularly delightful. 

1. It was the first licensed Scotch whisky label in the world. 
Up till 1824, Scotch whisky distillers operated without license and there was little control over the quality and standard of Scotch produced. George Smith, the founder of The Glenlivet, who’d discovered the perfect spot to establish his distillery, wanted to ensure that no one would latch onto his name and label as well as to secure the location for his distillery, was the first to adhere to the Excise Act and received a license to call his label The Glenlivet, after its location. This ensured no other whisky makers could legally call it that. It incensed numerous illegal whisky makers in the region, but it also changed the business from moonshine to the industry we know today. 

2. Speyside’s qualities make it an appreciable drink. 
Speyside, one of the farther north regions in Scotland, has ideal conditions for producing fine Scotch: a great climate, crystal clear water from Josie’s Well and malt from Portgordon that The Glenlivet uses to produce its whisky. The result is a floral, sweet, gently spicy Scotch whisky that has an appreciable finish. Longer aged editions of the whisky simply gain a richer character, with flavours of candied fruits, marzipan, caramel. 

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3. There’s something for everyone. 
The Glenlivet has been very active in creating new expressions to welcome both new Scotch drinkers, and offer experienced connoisseurs something to cater to their tastebuds. From the standard Founder’s Reserve (comparable to The Glenlivet 12) to the Winchester collection, a range of 50-year-old single malts, you can find a Scotch that will suit your preferences (and pocket). We tend to stick with the 18-year-old, something that we never tire of. 

For more on The Glenlivet, check out their site

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What Makes The Glenlivet the No. 1 Single Malt Scotch

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