The first official day of Baselworld 2015 has ended and we’ve gathered a few of our favourite pieces of the day. From the mechanical to the tech-influenced, we condense the best of Baselworld Day 1. (Don’t miss our sneak peekday 2 and day 3 coverage!)

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Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch
When it comes to the new smartwatch trend that’s been “invading” the timepiece world, the first to unveil its contribution was Frédérique Constant. Essentially, the brand’s parent company joined ventures with Silicon Valley brand Fullpower Technologies to create an all-new partnership in the form of Manufacture Modules Technologies (MMT). This new MMT platform has given birth to the MotionX technology that Frédérique Constant has employed in its new timepieces for this year. While the techies may gnash their teeth over the lack of notifications it might give, the brand has insisted that the aim of the game is to integrate the basic modules of fitness tracking into its watches. The features the Horological Smartwatch will boast are sleep tracking, activity monitoring as well as an alarm to kick you off your arse should you remain in any position for too long.

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Kairos Mechanical Smartwatch Hybrid
Our favourite smart watch of the fair has to be Kairos‘ interpretation of smart tech. Combining a mechanical movement (a Miyota or a Soprod as seen above) and a smart watch interface that remains on what we would refer to as the sapphire, Kairos has found the perfect blend between smart and mechanical, something we can get behind. Our only concern thus far has been the thickness of the timepieces, a concern that Kairos representatives have admitted will be improved on in the next installment of the product.

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Oris Divers Sixty-Five
Oris‘ perception in the market has always been one of tool watches and we couldn’t agree more. Celebrating the 50th year of its diving watches, Oris released its Divers Sixty-Five that unlike most other brands’ interpretation of predecessor watches, keeps quite literally everything. The only thing difference for 2015 is the domed sapphire as opposed to a plexi-glass used back in the day.

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Bell & Ross WWI Limited Edition
As much as we’d hate to condone smoking, Bell & Ross puts us in an uncomfortable position with the latest reiteration of its WW1 piece. Limited to just 99 pieces, the watch takes cues from times gone by, a simpler era that smoking cigars could be associated to watchmaking. The brown of the dial is reminiscent of the Cuban cigars that fans (not us, MDA) have gotten rather accustomed to. Apart from the obvious aesthetic attractions, the five day power reserve is another reason why we feel the WW1 Limited Edition works. Couple that with an open heart, the piece is a stunning tribute to simpler times.

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Slim d’Hermès Perpetual Calendar
We’re torn between reporting the French brand‘s latest timepiece and the latest addition to its font library, seen above on the numerals that has yet to be named. The newest offering from La Montre Hermès is the brand’s new Slim d’Hermès range, designed by Hermès’ creative director, Philippe Delhotal that targets the younger generation aiming for a watch from to buy. Why we picked the watch? A fully assembled in-house extra thin calibre that allows for possibly the most useful complication to be set in? You’d be hard-pressed to find a better alternative.

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Baselworld Day 1 Top Picks
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