One’s face tells a thousand tales. It is the first thing that one notices about an individual. A face is a gateway to understanding a person as a whole, and hence, its significance cannot be undermined. Like palmistry, face reading astrology or physiognomy is also an ancient art of divination.

It may sound vague, but face-reading astrology is a stream that is not only detail-oriented but also extremely telling of one’s inherent personality traits, and luck in matters of heart, health and occupation. The roots of this study date back to the time of the Yellow Emperor (Xuanyuan Huangdi) in China. As per the Western culture, face-reading astrology exists since the time of Aristotle (384 BCE to 322 BCE).

A lot has been explored with respect to facial features in Vedic astrology. The study of reading faces is part of Samudrik Shastra Vidya. It includes a careful analysis of various aspects of one’s face and body — from the shape of the forehead to the arch of the mouth — as well as one’s body language and subtle expressions too.

Over 100 points of a face are taken into account to see through their soul. The shape of the face along with the size and proportion of its features and facial expressions help predict success in business or in a job interview and the prospect of a potential romantic relationship. Astrologers also try settling health concerns, parental discord or property disputes using face reading as a method.

Intrigued and want to gain insight into face-reading astrology? Here are a few broad points to consider while studying faces.

Secrets to unlock the past, present and future through face reading

Face shape

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A person with a round face and fleshed-out features is said to be emotional and sensual in nature. Their need to love and to be loved is unparalleled and they seek commitment. They are totally family-oriented.

People with square faces are natural leaders. They love to be in charge and have aggression and dominance as their main traits. They are also known to be analytical in their approach.

Individuals with oblong faces have athletic facial structures, high cheekbones and a prominent jawline. As they love themselves a lot, they are known to face certain issues in loving their close ones unconditionally. However, they are the most hardworking of the lot.

Those who have triangular face shapes are creative and intelligent. They are also known for their quick temper and wit.

Lastly, people with rectangular faces are known to have well-balanced personalities. They are sincere, helpful and humble, and find success both in personal and professional matters.


A person with a convex face — large nose, protruding eyebrows and tilted forehead — is said to be stubborn and impatient. A person with a concave facial profile — prominent forehead, small nose with its tip bending inwards and a chin bending outwards — is said to be kind and empathetic.

A plane-faced person, who has uniform and flat features, is considered balanced and peaceful.


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The shape and creases on one’s forehead tell a lot about the person’s past, present and future. As per ancient adages, mostly in Indian culture, lines on one’s forehead are referred to as ‘Bhagya Rekha’ meaning that they are indicative of a person’s fortune and career prospects.

A person with a straight forehead is regarded as intelligent with unconventional and forward-thinking abilities. They are misunderstood a lot as they seem to panic in stressful situations and are unable to take concrete decision as their mind is filled with many different ideas.

Quick-wit and good decision power are mostly associated with people who have sloped forehead. They have an athletic stature and are often street-smart in their approach.

Those who have a curve on their foreheads are supposed to be creative geniuses. They are blessed with highly imaginative powers and talent.


face reading astrology
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The shape and curve of an eyebrow indicate a person’s mental and physical strength. Individuals with curved and thick eyebrows are blessed with people skills and amiable nature. They have a better understanding of one’s surroundings. Straight eyebrows in a person indicate clear thinking, a rational approach and a practical mind. If a person has angled eyebrows, they have a sound mind and good leadership qualities, even though they can falter a bit when it comes to embracing the practicality of life.


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Black and brown coloured eyeballs are common among Asians. Black colour indicates sensuality and kindness, while brown-coloured eyes symbolise fertility, good energy and courage.

People with wide eyes are considered to be curious and accommodating in nature. People born with close-set eyes have a slightly narrow outlook towards life but are also focused on their goals.

A person blessed with prominent eyes is known for their thinking and creative abilities. A person with uneven eyes has the gift to process different perspectives with ease. Similarly, if one has upturned eyes, it means they are overthinkers and speculate a lot.


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A large nose with a wide tip denotes aggressiveness. An individual with a slender bridge but fleshy nostrils is a warm and kind person, according to face astrology. An upturned nose symbolises a person who is a people pleaser.


Face-reading astrology
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Although thin and pursed lower and upper lips indicate courage, people who are born with this shape can be perceived as cold and unyielding. Heart-shaped round lips indicate sensuality and kindness. Pale lips with a tight jaw and small mouth denote aggressiveness and also indicate that the person is not expressive towards their loved ones.


face -reading
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One cannot miss analysing the shape of ears while face-reading. Small and narrow ears show honour and affection while vertically long ears denote shyness and strength. Big ears symbolise aggression and assertiveness.

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