Mindfulness is the hottest word on everyone’s lips these days. It teaches you to come to a mental state by focusing your awareness on the present moment, calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and physical sensations. Essentially, it’s meant to be a therapeutic way to tell yourself that nothing is within your control, and that’s perfectly okay. But there are other ways to practice mindfulness and find your inner balance, as emcee and yoga practitioner Hansen Lee and violinist Josh Kua discover in the video above.
Even the BOSS Bottled Man of Today, Chris Hemsworth, knows the importance of recharging. His activity of choice? Surfing. However, not every modern man has surf-worthy waves at their beck and call, which is why Lee and Kua have their own ways of recharging to find their inner balance. For Lee, practising yoga and meditating help to reinvigorate his senses, while Kua finds pleasure in immersing himself in playing the violin or even something as simple as spending time with his pets.
If you too would like to practise mindfulness, we have more tips that you can try for yourself:

  1. It’s important to find balance in life as the Man of Today – make time for play as much as work.
  2. Take time off from your daily routine to do something that challenges you every once in a while.
  3. Find your own way to recharge from your daily stresses, whether it’s meditating, listening to music, or working out.
  4. Immerse yourself in nature, whether it’s hiking or taking a walk in the park. Being in nature has been proven to reduce stress hormone production.
  5. Pursue your passions outside of work. Take the time to do something you’re really passionate about, whether it’s a charitable activity or a side business.
  6. Travel to a different place every year. It’ll make you appreciate the world and its vastness.
  7. Choose the right fragrance to channel the right mood for the day. When you look good and smell good, you feel good.

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Styling Nigel Lee
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