The idea behind the ASICS Beat The Sun trail running event, held on the longest day of summer, is simple: complete 150 kilometres before the sun sets. Your team of six, comprising three amateurs and three professionals, will have about 15 hours and 40 minutes to cross the finish line before it gets dark.

It sounds simple enough until you realise that the route involves running up, down and around the highest mountain in the Alps, Mont Blanc, which measures 4,810 metres at its peak. Then you make your way back to the starting line at the town of Chamonix. You’ll be racing on snow, rocks and all manner of terrain while battling fatigue, low oxygen levels and possibly a wild animal. It’s nicknamed nature’s toughest relay for a reason.

This year’s edition held on 21 June will feature eight global teams, with two from Asia. Lance Sum is Singapore’s amateur representative. This was his entry video.

How did you find out about the race Lance?

I was first introduced to ASICS Beat The Sun when I stumbled upon past edition’s video and was instantly captivated, so I signed up the moment I saw this year’s opening!

What compelled this crazy adventure?

I want to take up the challenge. The ASICS Beat The Sun relay race is very different from the trails that I’ve conquered so far and I’m thrilled just thinking about it. When I was watching the past season videos, I was amazed by the bond between the runners from all over the world come together for one goal. Besides, when you can run alongside expert runners from all over the world – It’s like a dream come true.

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ASICS Beat The Sun: The World’s Hardest Relay
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