Looking as fit and gorgeous as the BTS members isn’t easy! It requires a lot of discipline, dedication and consistency despite being caught up in rigorous work schedules. While we can’t stop gushing over the entire septet, it’s Jimin who has us drooling over his seriously impressive physique. We mean, when Jimin went shirtless in Set Me Free’s video, it was a sight the ARMY couldn’t get enough of. And rightly so! His chiselled abs and lean frame make him an absolute crowd-puller. Jimin has constantly tried to push himself when it comes to maintaining a visually appealing physique, whether it’s by constantly honing his dance skills or sprucing up his workout routine with a mix of cardio, bodyweight and ab exercises. Want to know Jimin’s workout secrets?

Whether it’s a refreshing run in the park to kick his adrenaline or engaging in a high-intensity interval training workout, CrossFit, to build his body’s flexibility and strength – Jimin’s go-to workouts are quite uncomplicated and you never even have to set foot in the gym to inculcate these. If you’re also looking to start your fitness journey, Jimin style, here’s all you need to know about his fitness holy grails!

Stay in shape like BTS’ Jimin by following his workout routine


No brownie points for guessing this one, as the BTS star has dazzled us with his dance moves throughout the years. It’s well-known that BTS members meet their cardio requirements by indulging in intense dance sessions that last up to two hours. According to Kpop Starz, Jimin also engages in cycling and running to meet his cardio requirements.

Cardio, also called aerobic exercise, is one of the most essential components in any workout to get your blood pumping. A good cardiovascular workout improves your endurance by increasing your heart rate, breathing rate and boosting your blood circulation. The idea is to engage in physical activities that get your heart rate to a zone where you are burning the most fat and calories.

Cycling, running, jogging, rowing, swimming, walking, hiking or even certain everyday tasks like cleaning, gardening etc. can count as activities boosting your heart health.

Bodyweight exercises

A convenient, low-cost, customisable workout for building overall fitness and strength? That’s exactly what bodyweight exercises are! Whether you’re a beginner learning how to handle your body weight as you try out fundamental movements like a squat/push-up or an advanced individual who wants to progress into more challenging exercises – incorporating bodyweight moves into your routine is a must.  As for Jimin, the singer is reportedly fond of push-ups, crunches, squats, and wall pull-ups.

Bodyweight exercises have the ability to improve both your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength at the same time. Moreover, they improve your functional fitness, core stability and balance, increase flexibility and mobility as well as ease your way into doing more advanced exercises.

Since your equipment is only your body, these exercises can be done from anywhere and given the countless exercise variations, you’ll never get bored.

Ab workout

A strong core doesn’t just look good, it translates into a more athletic lifestyle that makes your body stable. The abdominal muscles play a crucial role in posture, support of the spine, balance, stability and even respiratory functions. It’s especially important for people engaged in strenuous activities or sports because a strong core strengthens your limbs so you can punch harder, smash faster or hit with more force. Moreover, if you’ve constant lower back pain, trust the abdominal exercises to give you that much-needed flexibility and reduce your muscles’ rigidity.

Jimin’s ab workout reportedly includes pike push-ups, jumping jacks, leg raises, and push-ups. Not only will core workouts help you get those dreamy six-pack abs, but make your everyday chores way more easy and efficient. It’s ideal to do ab workouts 2-3 times a week, giving yourself at least 48 hours of break between sessions for recovery.


CrossFit has worked wonders for Jimin, helping the singer improve his dancing skills and making him feel stronger.  According to Koreaboo (via GQ), Jimin spoke about the benefits of CrossFit, mentioning, “I actually feel stronger. It’s also brought greater stability to my dancing. Perhaps it’s because of my increased core strength, but I’ve noticed that I have better balance now.”

So what’s CrossFit? It’s a form of high-intensity power fitness which combines elements of cardio, weightlifting, gymnastics and more to create an interesting yet challenging pattern that keeps pushing your limits. Since the program is designed to be challenging by working your whole body, it boosts overall fitness. By incorporating weightlifting, CrossFit ensures excellent development of your strength and muscle. Similarly, the inclusion of various cardio exercises like running and cycling improves your cardiovascular fitness and endurance.

Being a high-intensity workout, CrossFit can help burn a lot of calories in a short time thereby being perfect for weight loss. Lastly, since workouts are a great outlet to relieve stress and anxiety, CrossFit is unmatched in its potential to boost your mental health.

Will you try out these Jimin-approved workouts?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What exercises does BTS’ Jimin do?

Jimin’s workout routine includes cardio, bodyweight exercises, ab workout and CrossFit.

  • What exercises do BTS members do?

Each BTS member has their own workout routine and diet plan. However, all seven members meet their cardio requirements by indulging in intense dance sessions.

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A Guide To BTS Member Jimin’s Workout Routine To Stay In Shape
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