Clique Clinic in in PJ recently introduced the EMSculpt NEO, the latest treatment to its arsenal of medical aesthetic face and body solutions.

An international award-winning centre, Clique Clinic only employs evidence-based medical aesthetic treatments, all of which use state-of-the-art medical equipment and promises the best care and service to its esteemed clients and patients.

The clinic has pioneered many of the latest aesthetic treatments and studies, and is also the key opinion leader in several medical aesthetic fields. So when it decided to introduce the EMSculpt Neo, we can rest assured that the treatment would have been throughly tested and approved for use on people.

What is it?

The EMSculpt NEO builds on the technology and success of its predecessor – the EMSculpt. Thus it emits synchronised radio frequency (RF) and high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM+) energies, which translates to a simultaneous and more effective muscle stimulation and fat elimination.

Through RF heating, temperatures of targeted fat cells under the skin are quickly raised to induce apoptosis, the natural process of cell death and elimination. Simultaneously, the HIFEM+ energy contracts muscles at high intensities stimulating muscle fibre growth in both size and numbers.

Clinical studies have shown an average of 30% fat reduction alongside a 25% increase in muscle volume. And the device enables the targeting and engagement of specific muscle groups or an area more efficiently than a traditional workout.

how it works?

EMSculpt NEO delays the onset of sarcopenia (muscle loss) by retaining muscle mass in way of working the body’s core muscles. It can also stimulate muscle building and growth in the arms, thighs, calves and buttocks, which then helps to improve posture and mobility. Simultaneously, it works to burn fat and tighten skin, preventing the replacement of muscles with fat tissues and improving the body’s outer aesthetic, thus maintaining the body’s youth both inside and out.

With age-related muscle loss leading to lower metabolic rates and sedentary lifestyles, especially during this pandemic, there lies a risk of excess fat buildup in the body. If left unmanaged, this can contribute to an increase in overweight and obesity rates. The National Health and Morbidity Survey 2019 shows that among Malaysia, 1 in 2 adults are overweight and obese. This is alarming as the accumulation of excess body fat to such an extent presents a major risk factor for a broad range of health complications.

Apart from fat, body ageing is another factor that affects our health. The physical and physiological changes that most adults will experience in their lives is unavoidable, but can be slowed down with an active lifestyle. Most physical telltale signs of body ageing include dry skin, wrinkling of the body, sagging of the chest and buttocks, and accumulation of subcutaneous and visceral fat under the skin and surrounding the body’s organs.

Therefore the EMSculpt NEO effectively fights both ageing and fat simultaneously!

how it feels?

August Man Malaysia were invited for a free session to get first-hand experience of the EMSculpt NEO. Although it takes six sessions before one can truly see change, Clique Clinic was courteous enough to let us have a session on the house.

What usually happens is that prior to the treatment, the client would need to schedule an appointment for specific diagnosis based on the individual’s body, and return on another set date to begin the treatment.

On the day of treatment, depending on the size of the intended area, either one or two applicators (pictured above) will be placed on your body. Then the settings are adjusted and left on your body, with an attendant always on standby, and who would slowly increase the levels of heat and vibrations, as long as your body can withstand it.

The best part is it only takes 30 minutes of your time! So you can even schedule appointments during your lunch break. However, those with metal implants in their body however aren’t allowed to receive the treatment, as it makes use of HIFEM+.

And while it’s said that after 30 minutes of the treatment, the muscles in your body are akin to having done 20,000 crunches, the effects vary among individuals – some may feel sore, others might feel fine still. However, just going for EMSculpt NEO sessions will never replace going to the gym and eating right. It’s a mere supplement to your healthy lifestyle.

How much does it cost?

As packages are individually designed according to clients, you would need to book a consultation to find out how much exactly the treatment would cost you. However, it averages around RM2,500 per session – with discounts given for those who engage more sessions.

Doctor’s orders
Clique clinic
Dr Tingsong Lim, the medical director of Clique Clinic

“EMSculpt NEO’s revolutionary technology allows us to combat the effects of body ageing more effectively in a short period of time” says Dr Tingsong Lim, Medical Director of Clique Clinic. “It’s an invaluable asset that supplements your lifestyle and helps you not only look better, but feel and function better,” he continues.

EMSculpt NEO will be added into the line of tools available in the Clique Clinic’s SSTF, the holistic approach to combat body ageing by: Sliming – Reduction of inflammation and lipotoxicity in the organs due to obesity; Sculpting – Maintenance of body proportions; Toning – Toning of the body muscles to fight muscle loss; and Firming – Firming of tissues to reduce and prevent sagging.

(All images from Clique Clinic)


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