Home workouts don’t always require equipment, and is definitely useful during times when you can’t hit the gym. Bodyweight-based home workouts may be the best alternative for fitness enthusiasts at times like these. On top of keeping fit, exercise can also effectively release you from anxiety and depression while you cope with this pandemic.

So take some time to include a short exercise routine into your stay-home days, as many fitness enthusiasts and models are taking this opportunity to run online training programmes. You can use these workouts to work on nearly every part of your physique.

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From quads, chest, and core, bodyweight training provides the same results as your workout at the gym. And just like your gym sessions, bodyweight training needs you to have determination, discipline, and consistency to produce the results you wish to achieve. Here is a list of home workout you could do to maintain your physique while you no access to the gym.


The perfect way to do lunges

Here is how to do a Wall sit

Bodyweight Abs Exercise

Lower Abs workout

The Abs Crunch Exercise

Are you doing your push-ups right?

Try the advanced push-ups

End it with a burpees routine

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Home Workouts That Require No Equipment But Deliver Results

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