It is about time that we gave enough care to our health. When it comes to spending free time to burn body fat, sports may be the best activity for an individual. Getting yourself to a body treatment may be helpful, but that expensive alternative is not the best option for a permanent solution.

Working out in the gym is proven to be the best way to burning the body fast and staying in shape. However, this non-interactive habit would make you lose your interest in hitting the gym in the long run. Nevertheless, some sports allow you to enjoy through interaction while burning the most calories possible.

Here is a list of sports that would effectively burn the most amount of calories while you have fun with your loved ones.


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Football is the most played sport in the world, as it could effectively burn the maximum amount of calories compared to other sports. This kind of game involves either five players or eleven players in a team, depending on the kind of game. This sport requires good understanding among team players to hold the ball and score a goal tactically.

(Cal/Hour: 900-1,400)


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If you’re a person who loves burning calories in an aquamarine vibe, this sport is the best choice. Swimming is also a good way to recover after a good workout or from muscle injury. Apart from that, swimming is proven to be a minimum impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits. Make some time and get yourself to the nearest swimming pool with your friends to stay in shape.

(Cal/Hour: 900)


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This competitive game requires either 2 or 4 players. Tennis has a lot of benefits from improving metabolic function to lowering body fat. Tennis players play this game on four types of court, clay, grass, carpet, and hardcourt. Individuals would normally meet new people and make new friends as they make this sport a habit.

(Cal/Hour: 600-900)



This contact sport started about 130 years ago in Springfield, Massachusetts. Basketball requires a team with 3-5 players. This sport has a lot of benefits as well as it is a less injury-prone sport compared to football. Other than improving cardiovascular health and burning calories, this hooping game increases your height.

(Cal/Hour: 350-700)


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Martial Arts

Martial Arts is known to help burn up to 1000 calories. This type of sport also helps you to defend yourself from dangerous predators during unexpected moments. Other than burning calories, Martial arts helps a person be more flexible. Learn to kick and punch the proper way while burning calories with this self-defense sport.

(Cal/Hour: 700-1,100)


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Rock climbing

This you versus yourself kind of sport is always fun when done in a group. Rock climbing helps increase the level of determination while improves strength. An alternate for beginners would be wall-climbing. If you’re looking to transform your body fat into muscle mass, this sport would be an interesting one to pick.

(Cal/Hour: 650-900)


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Boxing is one of the oldest sports in the world by the Greeks. This activity is known for being the best stress-relieving sport. It also helps build stronger ligaments and bones while improving core stability. For a start, this contact sport can be done at home with a punching bag and a pair of boxing gloves.

(Cal/Hour: 500-800)



Existing since the 19th century, rugby is known as a good team sport to play. This game is played for 80 minutes on the pitch but requires caution while playing as this contact sport causes injury. A complete rugby game allows an individual to burn up to 950 calories. If you’re looking to play rugby, gather yourself with 14 others to play this sport.

(Cal/Hour: 700)



Running and jogging is one of the easiest and most efficient sport to involve in. This sport helps increase your immune system and builds stronger legs. You can run away your stress with this habit and increase your bone stability with a jog. Get yourself a pair of shoes and a friend to kick start this activity.

(Cal/Hour: 800)

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Have fun with these sports while burning most calories
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