Life as we know it has changed significantly since Covid-19 entered our lives. Most of us are already dealing with enough stress to begin with and the pandemic is the last thing we needed in our lives. The effects of its came crashing down almost immediately, raining hailstorm down on our parade. People have started feeling very isolated and the burden of not being able to carry out the simplest chores definitely took a toll on most of us.

Let’s not even get to dealing with Covid-19 positive cases (from self to family and all the way to the larger community) and the loss of income. In spite of that, the one thing that we noticed shifting during these challenging times are the discussions centred around mental health. More and more people and organisations are taking it upon themselves to focus on mental health discussions, extend a helping hand and spread some positivity.

In this 10 To Follow series, we round up 10 mental health Instagram accounts from Malaysia you should follow not just for a more positive feed and happier mind, but also for a journey of healing and transformation.


1. The Mind Faculty

High on our positive mental health Instagram accounts to-follow list is The Mind Faculty and one glance at its feed, you’d know why. You don’t need to tap out to read more, content is made easy-to-digest in a single square post and they cover a wide topic from what boundaries at work can look like to signs growing up with an emotionally immature parent. They’re probably the first of its kind to take up a giant billboard to advertise their services, and we hear the fee is pretty decent to give you a seamless online to offline experience.

Follow them here.


2. Naluri

The beauty of Naluri is that it focuses on your overall wellbeing, be it losing weight, improving nutrition, managing chronic health conditions or reducing anxiety. When you sign up for their services, all you need to do is set your goals and the panel of experts handpicked by Naluri will help you get there. The employers programme also looks solid where it delivers positive outcomes through a carefully structured modules and coaching that address team’s physical and mental health. They’re currently running free mental health assessment to measure risks of depression, anxiety and stress in conjunction with World Mental Health Day.

Follow them here.


3. Malaysian Mental Health Association

Founded in 1967 by University Malaysia Medical Centre (formerly known as University Hospital) staff members, the Malaysian Mental Health Association was created to fill the gap in providing supportive services to psychiatric patients who had recovered or were recovering from their acute phase of the illness. Through its website and Instagram, they continue to provide psychological support services, psychiatric rehabilitation programme and caregiver & peer support services. Sign up for its free caregiver education virtual programme running on weekends between October 23 and 31.

Follow them here.


4. Thrive Well

As a community-based mental health centre that connects children, adults, families, and communities to accessible, professional and affordable mental health services; Thrive Well has a long list of progammes and services in its menu that fit different needs. They really stay true to their motto “breaking barriers, changing lives” every step of they way. If you’re keen to sign up as a volunteer or intern, this is the right place for you.

Follow them here.


5. Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association

If you’re looking to get busy with mental health-related activities, then Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association (MIASA) is the IG to follow. Talks and art & dance therapies abound; and there’s even a mind-detox challenge for anyone to participate because #everyonematters. Also checkout the number of people who have reached out to MIASA through different mediums, the numbers are staggering but also a sign that more people are actively seeking help.

Follow them here.


6.  Wild Ginger

Catered for millennials, the Wild Ginger sparks important conversations on all things selfcare from financial wellness to professional skincare advice and of course, mental health. The team of 5 girls constantly churn out great reads on mind, body and soul while also building a community through its Self Care Club, where one can seek support and connect with like-minded folks.

Follow them here.


7. Green Ribbon Group

We love how informative this Instagram account is, covering a lot of ground on a myriad of mental health subjects from suicide prevention to supporting someone with mental health problems. The Green Ribbon Group was founded only in January 2021 by Pahang princess Tengku Puteri and her bestie Puteri Nor Ariane Yasmin, after numerous ad-hoc projects advocating mental health.

Follow them here.


8. ReachOut.To.You

ReachOut.To.You is another outfit run by youths to create mental health awareness by educating the masses about the different facets of this issue as well as breaking down the stigma surrounding it. They’re straight up about not being professional or therapists, but rather as friends you can trust to pour your hearts out to. They break down each behaviour by making it totally digestible to even those who are trying to make sense of what they’re going through. We hope they’d do more movie analysis in the grids, that would set them apart from other mental health Instagram accounts.

Follow them here.


9. Aloe Mind

Aloe Mind really has its heart set on extending affordable mental health care to everyone and with sessions starting from RM25, they’ve really made it accessible to those in need of talk therapy. The best part? They don’t discriminate against any races, genders and identities. Their Instagram is kept alive with to-the-point posts that touch on gaslighting, eating disorder, toxic people and more.

Follow them here.


10. Awareness Against Suicide

If you’ve contemplated suicide or know someone who is suicidal, Awareness Against Suicide or AWAS Malaysia is a safe space created by Kak Ngah to break stigma about suicide and promote healing while transforming pain into purpose, one post at a time. Conversations that are often swept under the carpet takes centre stage with no judgement but with is done tactfully with a lot of insights, care and safety plans. While you’re at it, please check out their Suicide Prevention Kit and share it around. It’s really something!

Follow them here.


(Main image: Gerd Altmann/Pixabay)

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