Coway is all about helping you lead a healthier lifestyle. We have all heard about the Coway water purifier at some point. With how the modern world works, people tend to focus too much on fulfilling material needs while neglecting other important assets. One of that is their health, which is something that needs constant care and maintenance. Hailing from Korea, Coway prides itself on ensuring its products and services are of the utmost of quality.

Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Woongjin Coway (Malaysia)
Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Woongjin Coway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, spearheads the company in overseeing product strategies in order to deliver the best to consumers. (Photo: Coway)

“We pride ourselves in ensuring that our quality products and services contribute to the betterment of your life. We want to keep your water clean, your air fresh, and your mattresses in perfect condition for your much-needed restful sleep in order for you to continue leading a healthy lifestyle,” said Kyle Choi Ki Ryong, Managing Director of Woongjin Coway (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Coway’s attention to detail comes second to none with its research and development (R&D) centre being the largest of its kind. It’s strategically located in the vicinity of the Seoul National University in South Korea. This is to ensure that all of Coway’s products go through rigorous quality tests before being introduced to the public.

Coway research and development (R&D) centre
The Coway research and development (R&D) centre is the largest of its kind. (Photo: Coway)

All of Coway’s products are directly imported from its manufacturing plant in South Korea. This allows for greater quality control and risk management. In turn, it also reduces the possibility of its products being compromised by any possible external factors.

“In tandem with our vision to present healthier living environment and services for happier people, we in helping more than 1 million families in Malaysia to filter out the unnecessary in the journey to drink, breathe, and live pure,” Kyle added.

Since 2016, Coway was recognised as ‘The Water Specialist’ in Malaysia, taking pride in helping more than one million families in Malaysia. This is due to the brand’s exceptional after-sales service. It doesn’t stop at your point of purchase; instead, it has a team of experts who are professionally trained to cater to your every need.

Coway has been Malaysia’s leading ‘water specialist’
Coway has been Malaysia’s leading ‘water specialist’ since 2016. (Photo: Coway)

As Coway continues to dominate the Malaysian market, it still sticks to its roots with its after-sales service. No matter where you are located in the country, you can rest easy knowing your products will be serviced once every two months. This helps to ensure your quality of air and water is always in tip-top shape.

“Most importantly, no matter where you are located in the country, we will be there to service your products once every two months. We provide the most frequent service in town so as to ensure that our products are in tip-top condition, providing only the best quality water and air for you,” Kyle explains.

Taking things one step further, Coway has also recently introduced a new Mattress Care Service. This further propels itself as a life-care company that cares about its customers’ well-being. Through the hassle-free service, it aims to clean your mattress in only seven steps. It rids of dust mites and unwanted contamination, ensuring you get the best sleep possible.

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Coway is here to help you lead a healthier lifestyle
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