Meditation has always been associated with stress relief, but fat-loss? Even though shedding the flab is primarily a battle of numbers (calories in VS calories out), mind-body activities like meditation could be the missing link to fat-loss.

Meditation for fat-loss
meditation fat loss
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We all know the story: despite the best of efforts, that last bit of pudginess just refuses to go away. Even with your nutrition dialled in and training on point, things may not always go the way you envisioned. It’s a frustrating situation, but actively dealing with that frustration just might be the key to solving this puzzle.

Meditation teaches one to improve their mind-body awareness. Underneath the surface though, there is a cascade of neurological and physical effects going on as you do this. With the former, there is a marked decrease in anxiety and other negative emotions, while improving self-efficacy. Self-awareness is also raised, and this can be helpful in combating unhealthy eating habits.

The physical benefits of meditation have a more discernible impact on fat-loss. Lowered inflammation, stress and cortisol levels are critical to ensuring a healthy metabolism. These factors can also improve athletic performance by boosting recovery. Better training creates better results. Contrary to popular belief, the bulk of fat-loss takes place after the workout, not during.

Getting started
meditation fat loss
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One of the great things about meditation is how convenient it can be. Whether you’re in your bedroom or sitting in the office, there’s no reason why you can’t close your eyes and take a few minutes off. To be clear, this whole approach will only work if you remain consistent with it. It’s the reason why meditation is referred to as a practice rather than a hobby.

To get started
  1. Breather deep into your diaphragm and hold it for around 3 heartbeats.
  2. Slowly exhale and repeat for between 5 and 10 minutes.

It really is that simple! Of course, remember to breathe naturally and to focus on the flow as it enters and exits your body. It is normal for your mind to wander during meditation. Just acknowledge it and return to your breathing. To help you with your consistency, try putting your meditation days in your calendar. Don’t worry if you miss a day or two. As with the case of your wandering mind, just acknowledge and return to your routine.

meditation fat loss
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There’s no substitute for a solid nutrition and training plan, but having a sound approach to something like meditation can lay the groundwork for sustainable fat-loss. If taking up meditation leads to the formation of better habits, which in turn empowers you to stay on your path, then it’s definitely worth a go!

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Evigan Xiao

Evigan is an avid fan of bench-made boots, raw selvedge denim, single malt Scotch and fine watches. When he's not busy chuckling over image dumps on Imgur, he can be found lifting heavy objects in the gym or fussing over his two dogs, Velvet and Kenji. He dreams of one day owning a cottage in the English countryside and raising a small army of Canadian geese to terrorise the local populace.
Can you meditate the fat away?
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