Keeping up with the rat race and living in the city can take a toll on you. Ideally, the perfect solution to washing away life’s stresses would be in the form of going away on vacation… but what if you’re unable to take a chunk out of your busy schedule to escape? Well, we’ve got a solution for you: sign up for a spa treatment.

The RuMa’s Ur Spa offerings incorporate elements of local massage and holistic treatments

Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, The RuMa Hotel and Residences offers a fantastic array of spa treatments that’s ideal for the modern man. Each spa package has been crafted to rejuvenate and detox, while leaving you feeling pampered and in a state of bliss. Furthermore, The RuMa’s Ur Spa offerings incorporate elements of local massage and holistic treatments, namely from the indigenous tribes of Northern Borneo and the traditional urut.

In need of escape from my full time desk-jockeying gig at August Man, I recently dropped by The RuMa to try out the Ur A Warrior therapy. My therapy began the moment I stepped into the spa premises on the sixth floor. While sipping on a refreshing asam boi and ginger ale welcome drink and taking in the spa’s chic décor, I got a feeling that I was in for a truly rejuvenating treat.

Ur Spa uses bespoke and organic formulations by Comfort Zone, one of the industry-leading creators of wellness products

First things first: my spa treatment at The RuMa kicked off with a simple tranquility welcome ritual, where I was presented with a unique botanical inhalation. While breathing in the sweet-smelling fumes, I felt myself unwinding and entering a calmer state of mind. Meanwhile, my massage therapist assisted me with a simple Kabat stretch in anticipation of the Ur A Warrior treatment coming right up.

The Ur A Warrior treatment kicked off with an invigorating full body Himalayan salt scrub, which deeply cleansed and exfoliated me from head to toe. In addition to boosting circulation, each gentle stroke buffed and removed dead skin cells, leaving behind a glowing complexion and soft skin. As I eased into the massage table, my massage therapist began the Back to Basics deep tissue massage, utilising a combination of circular strokes and kneading movements.

Also available in the premise of Ur Spa is a barber shop by famed London barbers Truefitt & Hill

Full disclosure: I’m a relatively active guy and I try to hit the gym between three to four times a week. Although I make an effort to stretch and foam roll regularly, I’ve noticed that I tend to experience some residual tightness and muscle knots from my workouts. A definite highlight from the Ur A Warrior therapy I’d signed up for was the fact that it worked through the knots and tightness I’d had previously, leaving me feeling flexible, and most importantly, relaxed.

What I liked the most about my spa session at The RuMa was how for a brief spell (90 minutes, to be exact), the world outside had vanished and I felt as if I’d been transported to another world, allowing me to destress and escape the rigours of daily life. As I sat on the porch outside the treatment room and sipped some tea before heading back to work, I felt rejuvenated and energised to take on yet another day.

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Anis Taufik

Contributor, MY
Anis enjoys covering the fashion, food, watch and travel beats. He says working out is the cheapest form of therapy available, but really, it’s a cover up for bingeing on Nutella on toast.
Modern Treatments for the Modern Men at UR Spa

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