There are times when we get caught up with life, be it a Nautilus or spanking new convertible. Not that we aren’t allowed to like nice things (we all are), but we are often blind to the little things that matter. We take a lot of things for granted, and our senses are a fine example. So to bring this to light, we decided to let art tell the story. Kenji O, a fashion photographer represented by Jed Root Manila, helped us create 12 very compelling pieces – photographs of our A-Listers and managing editor, made from deconstruction and reconstruction techniques, with different crops and colours woven in.

The result is the following, a representation of the different senses that mean most to each subject. Q (founder of The Prefecture), for instance, chose sight. His motto, “when all else is bereft, let your vision search the sea or search within… therein you will find the answer,” may be found in Braile on the picture.

They were up for display just last weekend at Miaja Gallery, which kindly opened its space to us. The pop-up exhibit opened with good company, music, alcohol and thanks to Átipico, a sensory guessing game of savoury ice cream and spiced pastry that put some palates to the test. As for the works of art, they were put up for auction, and we are pleased to say we do have a number of serious bidders to date. 

You can still make your bid if you’re interested. Proceeds will go to our chosen charity, Global Clinic, a non-profit organisation with the mission to “provide free, quality healthcare to the world’s most under-served communities.” This usually includes cataract and cleft lip surgeries, which cost approximately US$100 and US$400 respectively. For the sake of the less fortunate and for the sake of art, do consider helping us out. It’s a silent online auction, so have a think and make your bid. You have until the end of this Sunday, 31st October, to do so. 

Every cent counts. Thank you!

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