Every year, Breitling holds a great party in Singapore to present to the press and clients the latest timepieces that they have created in La Chaux-de-Fonds. As with any good party, there’s plenty of food and drink to indulge in, and Breitling regularly welcomes beautiful models dressed in flight suits to present their products. 

This year, with the brand partnering AUGUSTMAN Singapore and Malaysia in our A-LIST campaign, Breitling decided to invite our 2016 A-Listers to participate in the event, held at Paragon shopping centre in July. The brand organised a dynamic experience revolving around the launch of the Avenger Hurricane watch, a large sized 50mm watch that’s remarkable for its incredible lightness. This is thanks to the new Breitlight® material used in the case. 

The firm also flew in their proprietary flight simulator to further emphasise their association with aviation, established since Leon Breitling himself founded the company in 1884. This unique 4D simulator realistically conjures up various takeoff and landing simulations from various airports around the world. Members of the public could experience this for themselves by registering their interest online and thus have the opportunity to try it out. 

Our A-Listers were presented with a challenge by the general manager of Breitling SEA, Alvin Soon, on the opening night of the week-long party. They had to try out the simulator and experience landing at San Francisco International Airport in the shortest time possible with the two safest landings in the best time winning a surprise prize. After a little trial and error, Joeri Schilders and Shane Coelho managed to nail the landing. 

The two will be heading to the Banyan Tree resort in Bintan where they will also enjoy a flight around the island, courtesy of Air Adventures Flying Club. Check out the video above to see what else happened that evening. 

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