William Shakespeare once said, “some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” But alas, life isn’t always fair and not everyone has it good. We live in a country brimming with riches, yet surrounding us are some of the world’s most under-served communities, a fact that many of us are blind to.

In comes the Global Clinic, a non-profit organisation of medical and non-medical professionals who strive to make life better for the less privileged. They believe that healthcare is a basic human right, and so do we. While the team at August Man isn’t qualified to mend a cleft lip or remove cataracts, that hasn’t stopped us from lending a hand.  

So we decided to raise funds through art. With the help of Kenji O, a fashion photographer represented by Jed Root Manila, 12 really cool pieces were created. These are photos of our A-Listers and managing editor, a result from deconstruction and reconstruction of different crops and colours.

They were put up for display at Miaja Gallery earlier this month. The three-day pop-up exhibit opened with good company, music (special thanks to Paul Michaele Loiz, our deejay for the night) and a sensory guessing game of savoury ice cream and spiced pastry created by Átipico’s Matteo Pertoldo, an architect-turned-chef.

While palates were put to the test, the art pieces were put up for auction. They still are, and proceeds will go to the Global Clinic. It’s a silent auction. In other words, don’t be shy! Every cent counts. Help us help the less fortunate. It’s only for the better good.

Support the cause at bid.augustman.com. The auction closes this Monday, 31st of October. But if you prefer to donate instead, you may chip in here