As mentioned in an earlier post, one of our A-Listers, Paul, would be collaborating with two of his Crossfitter friends (Mark and Jeff) to create a workout for charity. The difficulty of this workout was to echo the amount of donations raised. Needless to say, the fundraising did extremely well. In total, Paul, Mark and Jeff raised $4,125.10 for The Food Bank Singapore. That was the easy part. Last week, at Crossfit Hub Singapore, the organizing trio and other CrossFit enthusiasts gathered to crush the Fight Hunger CrossFit WOD. It was no easy feat, but as Paul has shared with us, CrossFit has a lot to do with community. We think the pictures speak for themselves. Great work, guys!

With the Cookout merely days away, we hope you’re ready for an evening of good food for a good cause. Tickets are still up for grabs here! See you there. 

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