Last Friday, ten contestants stepped up to take part in the “Fire Bucket Challenge”, a fundraising project headed by two of our very own A-Listers – Melvin Lee and Suf Zumla – in aid of The Food Bank Singapore. As mentioned in an earlier post, the stage was set for an entire night of fun, drinks, music and partying centred on a hot wings eating competition. With music blaring and crowds chanting, these gentlemen readied themselves for the fiery ordeal that awaited them. Among these hopefuls were Melvin, Suf, Darren (Managing Editor of Augustman), Barnaby (Owner of Bartini), and Richard (Manager of Drinks & Co.). Sleeves rolled up to the elbows and beers at the ready, the contestants dove into their platter as soon as the signal was given. Forsaking any form of table manners, they wolfed down the hot wings as fast as they could. In the end it was none other than Suf Zumla who emerged victorious- although other contestants were not far behind. Apart from the competition, the crowd was also treated to a raffle draw for prizes donated by Fitbit and Augustman. Overall, proceeds for the night came up to just under $1000 dollars.

Yet another successful project leading up to the Cookout. If you haven’t already grabbed your tickets, grab them here!